Comet Wrap Up

Sorry for ending the story abruptly but real life got in the way and I needed to step back for a little bit.

We will be moving on to the next generation (story) which takes place about 5 years into the future and is officially titled “Graylight”, but for now, let’s talk about what happened with Lux and Dre during these few years.

Remainder of Summer

  • Lauren spent the entire summer pulling numerous schemes to try and break Lux and Dre up with no success.
  • Case and Dash, stole Lux’s phone and changed the phone number she had saved for Dre, to another phone number that they had in their possession. This caused them to never get each other’s messages and other various communication issues. It also made him seem unreliable to Nicky because Lux would ask for permission to go out but then he wouldn’t show up or something. Eventually, she figured out what they were up to and the three of them spent the rest of the summer getting each other in trouble.
  • Dre passed his test and got into the Engineering program at his school and went back home to San Myshuno at the end of summer.
  • They agreed to have a long distance relationship.


  • Lux’s 16th birthday: She convinced her parents that she didn’t want a big party or anything, she just wanted to spend the weekend with Adrienne in Newcrest since they hadn’t seen each other in a few weeks. In reality tho, she spent the weekend with Dre in the city. They had a great weekend and her first time too 😀
  • A few weeks later, Nicky and Ali find out about the whole birthday rendezvous when they happen to stumble onto some pictures that she and Dre took while they were running around the city. Ali’s disappointed at this point but Nicky’s pissed. Lux gets punished and also told she can’t see him anymore.
  • She tries to sneak around and see him but when Dre finds out how much trouble she’s really in, he breaks up with her so that she he doesn’t continue to get her in more trouble.

2 years later (Lux’s senior year)

So I hadn’t fully planned this segment out but here’s the gist of what was going to happen.

  • Lux and Dre haven’t seen each other since they broke up, 2 years ago. He still comes to Brindleton Bay sometimes, but he’s been avoiding the hell out of her, lmao. By this time, he’s in college (he’s a year older than her).
  • She’s moved on kind of, has another boyfriend who she “likes” but Dre was her first love and she still has those feelings for him.
  • They run into each other somehow and of course all these feelings and stuff come back up. He knows she has a boyfriend tho and leaves her alone for the most part but they are back doing that whole back and forth flirty thing that they do so well, lol.
  • Things turn sour between Lux and the current boyfriend because she just doesn’t seem interested, especially all of a sudden (Dre’s return) and they break up.
  • Eventually, she and Dre stop playing games and get back together.

2 more years later

  • They’re both in college, living together, in a townhouse, in San Myshuno. They both work part-time, evening jobs to pay the rent as well as attend classes.

And that’s where we are now. Thanks for reading! ❤

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