Season 1: Episode 1.1


It was at least 120 degrees out, according to Dash anyway. He swore he saw it on the weather channel before they left the house. He even heard the weatherman say it was too hot for anyone to go outside today but Lux wasn’t buying it. She knew it was just another attempt at getting out of their scouts meeting today.

“Isn’t there a law or something about making kids stay outside in the heat like this?” Dash asked, trying to think of what to call it, “child abuse, that’s it. This is child abuse. I know it.”

Lux rolled her eyes, “Nobody’s abusing you Dash, shut up.”

“It might not be abuse,” Case sided with their brother, “but it’s still wrong.”

Today was their first meeting with the Bay Scouts and they were not happy about it, at all. Being a scout was lame as hell and their summer was going to suck because of it. They spent the entire walk to the campground complaining. Giving reason after reason why they shouldn’t join, with the uniforms and the heat at the top of the list. She didn’t get why they were pleading to her though, it wasn’t her decision and honestly, they caused this on themselves.They were always in trouble. At school. At home. And now that it’s summer break,  Nicholas and Ali knew they had to keep their time occupied and Brindleton Bay just happened to have a scouting program. It was perfect.

“Can’t you just say we went?” Case begged.

“Oh no,” she shook her head, “you’ll get caught then Daddy’ll ask why I let you leave and I am not getting in trouble for this.”

She nudged them forward, “Just go and get it over with.”

“No! This is stupid,” Dash snapped, pushing her hand away from him.

He was in one of his moods so she knew he wouldn’t listen but Case was much more level-headed. She could get through to him.

“Case,” she sighed, “It’s only like an hour and if you leave, you’ll get in trouble. We both know that. So, just go. Please?”

She was right. They would get in trouble if they left and seeing as they just got off punishment, he didn’t want to go back. They started including yard work in their sentence and it was way too hot to be cutting grass and picking up trash so as much as he hated to admit, being a scout was better than being a prisoner.

“Fine,” he caved, “but you suck Lux.”

“Whatever,” she mumbled.

He motioned for Dash and they walked over to the other scouts together. She watched them until they made contact with the scout leader, just to make sure they didn’t try to make a run for it. Relieved to finally be done with that, she walked away.

Now, what am I supposed to do?

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