Season 1: Episode 1.3


They agreed to go but they didn’t say anything about being nice. Dash looked over his shoulder and saw that Lux was still standing there, watching them. She was really getting on his nerves today. He kicked a rock as hard as he could but that did nothing to ease his frustration.

“They better let us set a fire or something if we gotta be here all day,” he fumed.

Case sucked his teeth, “they probably don’t even know how to set a fire,” he said, letting a laugh slip but quickly catching himself. This was no laughing matter.

They finally made it over to the scout leader who was standing there with a stupid smile on his face, “Hi there! I’m Scout Leader Grant,” he introduced himself, a little too enthusiastically, “you must be the Brennan boys?”

They looked around at the other scouts who were just sitting there, looking at them with the same stupid smiles on their faces. This just added fuel to Dash’s fury and he couldn’t hold it in anymore.

“Aye man, why you ain’t gotta wear a uniform?”

“Oh…me?” Scout Leader Grant looked behind him.

“You the only one not wearing a uniform,” Dash snapped.

“W-well, there isn’t an official uniform for scout leaders,” he attempted to explain himself.

“If you ain’t gotta wear one, we don’t either,” Case jumped in.

The other scouts gasped. They couldn’t believe a fellow scout would speak to the scout leader like this.

“Why don’t you boys have a seat so we can get started,” he said, trying to ease the tension.

They stood there for a second. Dash looked over at Case who was contemplating trying to escape but then he remembered the conversation with Lux. He didn’t want to get punished again.

“Alright, I’ll sit,” Case said, “but I ain’t selling no cookies or nothing.”

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