Sim Download: Yara Steele

I needed a break from pose making so here’s a sim! Her name’s Yara. Use her how you like.

The only thing I ask is that you don’t change her skin color/tone/complexion 🙂

Also, I only set her everyday outfit, the rest of them are nakey.

CC Needed:

default skin / default skintone / default eyes / skin overlays: 1+2 / nosemask / face details/ eye lashes / shine / lipstick / eyeshadow / eyeliner / eyebrows / hair / earrings

Mods Used:

no ea eyelash mod

Download: SFS (no ads) | Donate

or on the gallery: Origin Id: mellocakesmakes (be sure to check “include custom content)

Feel free to @ me on Tumblr (mellindi) if you use her in your game. I would love to see what she gets into.

1 comment

  1. Hii! I downloaded all needed CC, but when I put Yara in my household, she shows up using a default skin color instead of one of pyxis’ skintones… Can you tell me which swatch Yara uses, please? I’d try to match but I’m not using NoBlu so I’m not really sure which skintone is the right one…


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