Graylight: Season3

S3:E7.2 Doom’s Day Pt. II

Note: Flashback in this post begins with the pic with the tiny green bar at the top and ends with the pic with the tiny green bar at the bottom.


  1. I love Dre and Lux, but Ali has a point. If my 16 year old daughter lied to me and sneaked off to another city without my knowledge, no matter who she was with, I’d almost die. And then come back to life and let her have it.


    1. I agree with you 100%. Lux doesn’t really know how to look at this from a parent’s POV yet so she’s blinded by her own perspective. But as a parent this is a scary thing to find out your teenager has done.

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      1. Very scary! I think it goes back to when Nicky first met Dre. Granted, it was funny and all how he and the boys grilled him, but that’s probably what caused Lux to feel she needed to sneak around to be with him. And teenagers WILL do stuff like that, thinking they’re invincible or just not thinking. I’m glad Ali brought it up though; Lux will listen to her in a way she prob wouldn’t with Nicky… and Nicky would prob just yell rather than bring it up gently like Ali. Hopefully this leads to a moment of recognition for dad and daughter.

        Great storytelling!


      2. You are so right in terms of Lux’s thought process! This conversation with Ali is far from over which I’m glad cause it shows us some things that we haven’t seen that gives insight into Nicky/Lux’s whole handling of her dating life and kinda explains how things ended up the way the way they did. Next episode is “Lux’s side of the story” so we’ll see what she has to say. And it was definitely helpful that Ali brought this whole thing up cause it’s a conversation that they’ve never had before but really needed too. And thank you!!


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