Camilla In San Myshuno

Episode 19: The Date II

She cleared their plates from the table and placed them in the sink. For a few minutes, she stood there, thinking. Trying to decide what’s going to happen next. The way she saw it, this “date” could end one of two ways. She could send him home and they go back to their usual book talk at work or … she could … not … send him home …

She stood there for a few seconds longer, lost in her thoughts. So lost she didn’t hear him walk up behind her and almost dropped a plate when she felt his arms wrap around her waist. His lips brushed against her neck once and was enough to send a tingle up her spine that nearly made her knees buckle.

Salim, softly: Did I scare you?
Camilla: [deep shaky breath] No.
Salim: Good.

She turned to face him, trying to keep her balance. He leaned in closer, pinning her against the counter. His lips brushing hers.

Salim: [whispers] I like you, Camilla.
Camilla, breathless: I like you too.
Salim: Do you want me to go?
Camilla: [shakes head] No …

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