Camilla In San Myshuno

Episode 2: Apartment For Rent

Camilla rented one of the only vacant apartments in San Myshuno that was within her price range, 2B Jasmine Suites, which just happens to be a 2 bedroom. She does’t have a job yet or much money left but she does have an extra bedroom so she’ll be looking for a roommate asap.

*This is the first lot in a loooooong time where I didn’t cheat to make it all pretty before moving my sim in. This time around, she was only allowed to buy what she could afford so we’ll be fixing up the place a little more as we go. Also, I placed her in another version of The Okoye’s save (an older save of mine) so her roommate has to be a single YA who’s already exists in that save so hopefully she finds a good match.

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