Camilla In San Myshuno

Episode 13: Book Talk

She sat down at his table and sparked up a conversation about their favorite topic, books. It was the one thing they had in common. He wrote them and she loved to read them. It was the subject of their first conversation and her excuse to talk to him everyday. The book of choice for the day was, The Man Behind the Falls.

Camilla: So what’s your opinion on it? I know it’s a lot of romance and mushy type stuff but I feel like there was a lot of insight into men and their emotional response to relationships too.
Salim: Same here and they did a good job at presenting their ideas from multiple viewpoints, but tell me, what’s wrong with mushy type stuff[laughs]
 Nothing, I just mean- a lot of guys I know aren’t really into that kind of stuff.
Salim: Guess you’re in luck then.
Camilla: [raises eyebrow] And why is that?
Salim: I don’t consider myself most guys.
Camilla: [smiles] I’ll keep that in mind.

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