Camilla In San Myshuno

Episode 16: It’s A Date

Salim gave Camilla his number two months ago and last night was the first time she ever used it. For two whole months, he followed her lead, randomly bumping into each other at work, subtle flirting, using books as an excuse to learn more about each other, but now she finally texted him. He took this as a green light. 

She was on her way out the office when he caught up with her.

Salim: So, I was thinking about that book we talked about last night.
Camilla: How to get the girl of your dreams?
Salim: [laughs] Yeah, that one. And since you haven’t read it, I was thinking, I can let you borrow mine. You free tonight?
Camilla: [smiles] I’m free.
Salim: Cool, round 7 works for you?
Camilla: [nods] It does. You like food?
Salim: [laughs] I do like food.

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