Episode 8: Change of Plans

Cassandra asked Camilla to meet up with her to talk. She had bad news. She couldn’t be her roommate. Long story short, after coming clean to her parents about dropping out of school, she decided to give it another shot. Camilla was bummed at first but then she hit her with some good news. The place they were sitting in is a creative agency that helps new freelancers get started with jobs in their field. Cassandra knew someone who knew the owner and got them to set up a meeting for Camilla today.

Camilla, excited: Girl what?! I can’t believe you did this for me! I promise I’ll pay you back somehow. What you need? A website? An app? Some JavaScript stuff?
Cassandra: [laughs] No, but you know what you can do for me?
Camilla: Name it.
Cassandra: [smiles]Be my San Myshuno friend?
Camilla: [laughs] Of course, I’ll be your San Myshuno friend.

*Lot used is The Naked Gnome by bottsbotts

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