Camilla In San Myshuno

Episode 6: New Roommate

Out of the three matchesCamilla felt Cassandra was the best pick. She didn’t have any weird demands and her needs were relatively simple. She still wanted to meet her first tho, you know, to make sure she wasn’t crazy or anything so they met at a cafe the next morning.

Cassandra told her all about herself, how she moved to the city a couple years ago and was a star violinist at the San Myshuno School of Music. She dropped out a few weeks ago cause of the pressure and stress and stuff but neglected to tell her parents about it. They had taken care of her living arrangements and everything but since she no longer lived on campus, she needed to find a new place to stay and a job to support herself. Being on your own was something Camilla could relate to and since Cassandra needed a place to stay and Camilla needed someone to help her navigate the city, maybe this new living situation could be good for the both of them.

*The cafe is Utopia Cafe by jenba.

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