Camilla In San Myshuno

Episode 23: Secrets

Three months later.

Salim rolled out of bed and crept into the living room to answer a text. Since his girlfriend who has no idea he has a baby on the way, was sleep in bed next to him, it was probably best for him to respond to his pregnant ex-wife in another room.

T E X T   F R O M   A A H A N A

Aahana: Hey Salim, the appointment’s Tuesday at 1. They said we can find out the gender too. Are you going to be able to make it?
Salim: Yeah, I’ll pick you up.
Aahana: Sounds good. See you then.

Out of nowhere, Camilla appeared in front of him, catching him completely off guard. She never got up this early whenever she slept over. 

Camilla, still sleepy: What are you doing all the way out here?
Salim, startled: [tosses phone] Nothing- no reason. You need something?
Camilla: [yawns] Coffee? Food maybe? No coffee and food.
Salim: [smiles] Alright. Let’s go get something to eat.
Camilla: Okay. Imma take a shower. Wanna come?
Salim, relieved: Yes, shower, let’s do that.

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