Camilla In San Myshuno

Episode 18: The Date I

She could never predict Salim’s work schedule. Sometimes he was early, other times he was late. She wondered if this was just his personality, if he was more of the free-spirited-on-my-own-time type or if maybe he had other obligations some days. Another job maybe? Not that she was tracking him or anything, she was just … curious. So it was a surprise to her, that he was there, right on time. 7:00 sharp. He was on time for their “date”. She couldn’t help but feel at least a little special.

Camilla, curious: So is there anyone else … you have … book talk with? … A girlfriend maybe?
Salim: I have a few writer friends, I bounce ideas around with sometimes, but nobody like you.
Camilla: [blushes]
 And to answer your question. No girlfriend. I was married tho. For a couple years but we’re not together anymore.
Camilla: Oh … how come? I mean- you don’t have to go into detail or anythi-
Salim: No, it’s fine. We just weren’t right for each other. Turns out we’re better as friends.
Camilla: Oh …
Salim: So what about you? Is there a boyfriend you book talk with?
Camilla: [shakes head] No. My last boyfriend loved reading just as much as he loved being in a relationship [laughs].
Salim: He must be crazy then. 
Camilla: Why is that?
Salim: Throwing away the opportunity to book talk with you every night.
Camilla: [smiles]

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