Camilla In San Myshuno

Episode 41: Confession

A Couple Hours Later.
Camilla’s Apartment.

Hey, it’s Camilla, leave a message. Salim sighed at the sound of Camilla’s voicemail greeting once again. This was the 26th time he heard it today. He knew she was avoiding him, she had been since the last time they spoke a couple days ago, he just didn’t know why. 

He left Aahana’s appointment early so he could check on her but she wasn’t home. He was about to try calling again when he saw her getting out of Cassandra’s car. She looked sad, no defeated. 

Salim: Camilla, I called you like 100 hundred times, what’s going on with you?
Camilla, shaky: I …
Salim: What?

She paused. Maybe she shouldn’t tell him. It wasn’t too late to change her mind again. No she can’t, she has to. She has to tell him. It was the whole reason she left, so she could talk to him.

Camilla: [shaky breath] I’m pregnant and I wasn’t gonna keep it, cause we’re broken up [sniffles] and you already have your family and I was there and I was going in but then I thought I should tell you first cause you would hate me if I didn’t and now I don’t know what to do [sobs].

That … made perfect sense. The way she’s been avoiding him, why she’s been so paranoid about his relationship with Aahana, this attitude she had about the babies. It just made sense.

Salim: [hugs her] It’s okay, okay?
Camilla: [nods]
 Let’s talk upstairs, okay?
Camilla: [wipes face] Okay.

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