Camilla In San Myshuno

Episode 70: The Line

30 Minutes Later.
San Myshuno Hospital | San Myshuno.

Salim stood in front of Aahana’s bed watching the monitor on the machine she was hooked up to. The nurse explained that the line at the top of the screen kept track of the babies’ heart rates and the one at the bottom kept track of her contractions. Whenever she had one, the line would travel upwards, creating a pattern of variously sized hills depending on how strong they were. So far, their heart rates were good and there was no significant activity in the contractions department. They still wanted to check a few other things but if all checked out, she could go back home tonight. Hearing that was a huge relief for Salim. He was ready to meet his little girls but not while things were like … this …

He looked over at her. She was okay now, very different from the state she was in when they left his apartment. It was like all her pain had subsided the minute they entered the ER. He thought back to earlier, when she showed up at his apartment and how she was so adamant on having a private conversation with him. He brushed her off then cause he wasn’t in the mood to deal with her … again. They had just spent the entire day, six whole hours, running errands together so her back at his apartment, in his space, after he just dropped her off, wanting something else frustrated the hell out of him. Why couldn’t she just send a text like a normal person? Everything was always so urgent with her lately and if she didn’t get her way, if he didn’t drop everything he was doing right then to tend to her every. single. want. she was damn near throwing a tantrum.

And now with these contractions … if there even were contractions … The thought of that … thinking she would fake something like that made him feel guilty but he couldn’t help it. They were just timed so perfectly, at the right moment to ruin the night that was supposed to belong to Camilla and she knew it. He may not have been in the mood to talk to her earlier but he was now. Things needed to change and it couldn’t wait until the babies were born like he originally hoped. They needed to change now.  

Salim: How are you feeling?
Aahana: Fine … [rubs belly] the girls are busy though [shifts into a more comfortable position].
Salim: [smiles faintly] I bet … so earlier you said we needed to talk and you’re right, we do cause … we can’t keep doing things the way we are now.
Aahana, narrows eyes: What’s that supposed to mean?
Salim: It means we need to agree on some things cause I know you’re pregnant but you can’t-
Aahana: [frowns] I can’t what? Expect you to be there for your children who’s lives you said you wanted to be apart of?
Salim: [sighs] You know that’s not what I’m saying.
Aahana: Then what are you saying Salim? [sits up] That you don’t want to participate in making sure your children have everything they need or that at eight months pregnant, I can’t count on the father of my children to be there if I need something?? So I guess I’m supposed to just what, suck it up cause you don’t want to be bothered???
Salim, aggravated: I’m not saying that, you know I’m not, but what I am saying is that you can’t keep showing up whenever you want like you did tonight. If you wanted to talk, you could’ve called or texted or anything besides showing up at my damn door.
Aahana: Ohhhhhh so this is about her. Cause you had to be here with us, you couldn’t be with her. That’s what this is?
Salim: No, but since you brought her up, I’m telling you now, you need to start respecting her cause I already told you she’s going to be around.
Aahana: I don’t have to do nothing I don’t want to do and I can tell you this right now, Salim if you think for one minute, you’re going to put some random bitch before my kids, she’ll be the only thing you need to worry about.
Salim: What the fuck is that supposed to mean?
Aahana: You know exactly what it means. Now get out of my room before I call security.
Salim: What?
Aahana: Get. Out. Of. My. Room. Salim. Now!


  1. Ani has to have the best insurance or she rich😂😂😂. I could not fathom going to the hospital just to take my BD away from his GF because I was jealous or whatever (I’m frugal tho). I thought she was coo at first, that her and Salim were actually friends who did really slip ONE time but I see it was something different for her. She def needs to distance herself from Nura cuz she planting seeds of poison in her mind. They both wildin.


    1. I imagine as far as she’s concerned, her spite was worth the price 😂. The thing about Aahana tho is that she and Salim really were friends who did slip up one time, but now you’re seeing the other side of her. That part of her personality that played a big part in why they got divorced in the first place. She and Salim get along great until he “does something” to piss her off, then it’s war. But you’re right about her and Nura cause their relationship is a mess too most of the time 🙄 which you’ll see as you make it thru the rest of the story.


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