Camilla In San Myshuno

Episode 59: A New Day

One Week Later.
McNeal Residence | Brindleton Bay.

Something was different in the McNeal household. Specifically with the women. It’s as if the arguments that James had become so accustomed to hearing had been replaced with what sounded like actual conversations. He couldn’t believe his eyes when he came downstairs one morning and found Camilla actually laughing at something Bridgette was telling her. On top of that, they had developed some kind of daily routine. Seemed like it was yoga then lunch then other various activities that kept them busy the majority of the day. If he didn’t know any better, he would think they were … friends. 

After a few days of what felt like living in the Twilight Zone, he tried questioning Bridgette. See if he could get some kind of intel on what prompted this sudden change in behavior but she wouldn’t give anything up. Said it was girl stuff and to leave it at that. Well, whatever the reason, he was just glad to see the relationship between his two favorite girls finally shaping into what he always hoped it would be.

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