Camilla In San Myshuno

Episode 45: Some Time Away

A Few Days and a Whole Lot of Books Later.
Salim’s Apartment.

A good book holds the power to keep Camilla held up in her apartment for hours. 10 good books? Don’t expect to see her for days. That’s exactly what happened once she got started on that stack of self-help books. She couldn’t put them down. It was weird tho. Opening a book and feeling like the author knew her. Like they were talking directly to her. Saying all these things she was able to recognize in herself. 

She knew those books alone wouldn’t solve her problems but they did give good insight into how she could work towards solving them herself. With that being said, she needed to talk to Salim.

Camilla: So … you know I’ve been reading and thinking and reading and thinking and thinking some more …
Salim: [laughs] Yeah?
Camilla: [looks up at him] I’m … not keeping it …
Salim: … Oh …Okay … If that’s what you want.

His reaction was an interesting one. On one hand, he really meant it when he said he was okay with whatever she wanted to do but at the same time, he still couldn’t help but feel just a small amount of sadness when she said that. With the twins being due in just a few months, he knew they didn’t need another baby right now but he was going to be a dad soon and that part of him was a little sad about losing this child.

Camilla: Are you mad?
Salim: [shakes head] No, of course not.
Camilla: Are you sure, cause … I just don’t think it’s a good time- I know it’s not a good time and I just have all this stuff I need to do-
Salim: I’m not mad, Camilla [squeezes her] I understand, and you’re right. It’s not a good time.
Camilla: [smiles] Okay.

She let a few minutes pass before telling him the next part. She was leaving the city. Just for a little while. The last time she took a trip like this was after their break-up. She didn’t want him to think it was like that again.

Camilla: But afterwards … I’m going back home.
Salim, confused: To your apartment?
Camilla: No, to Brindleton Bay … with my parents.
Salim: [sigh] So you’re leaving me too?
Camilla: I’m coming back [laughs] It’s just for the rest of the summer … but … I need to go …
Salim: Then, I’ll be here when you get back.
Camilla: [fast talking] We’ll still talk everyday and I’ll send you pictures, it’ll probably be mostly food tho cause my mama cooks a lot but it’ll be like I’m not even gone.
Salim: [laughs] It’s fine, Camilla, go enjoy your vacation.
Camilla: I’m gonna miss you.
Salim: [kisses forehead] I’m gonna miss you too.

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