Camilla In San Myshuno

Episode 54: A Little Test

1.5 Hours Later.
Sweet Seaside Snacks | Brindleton Bay.

Yoga went surprisingly … well. Bridgette was nice, well as nice as Bridgette McNeal could be, and according to the other ladies in the group, all she talks about is her daughter who’s off doing great things in the city. This, of course, came as a complete shock to Camilla. Hearing that her mom was actually proud of her though, made her just a little less mad at her.

Camilla: Are they always like that?
Bridgette: What? Nosy?
Camilla: [laughs] I was going to say inquisitive, but yes.
Bridgette: [nods] Mhm, they are. Especially if they like you and considering how they were all up in your business, they must really like you.
Camilla: [smiles]

This was different. They were having an actual conversation, for the first time since Camilla came home, with no arguing or attitudes or anything so what better time for Bridgette to find try to find out what’s really going on with her daughter. 

Bridgette: So, this boy you’re seeing … Are you going to tell me about him or am I going to have to wait for the girls at yoga to drag it out of you?

Camilla paused for a moment. She wasn’t ready to tell her everything. She didn’t think she was ready to hear it but then again … this was the perfect opportunity to test her.

Camilla: His name’s … Salim.
Bridgette: And what does this Salim do?
Camilla: He’s a writer … for this news blog … we kind of work together.
Bridgette: [folds arms] Mhm … Kids?
Camilla: Yeah …
Bridgette, surprised: Yeah? How many kids?
Camilla: Two- they’re twins.
Bridgette: [eyes widen] Twins? And how old is this father of two?
Camilla: … Thirty.
Bridgette, disapproving: Thir- [sigh] Cami. Do you really not see why this isn’t a good idea? I mean out of all the guys running round that city, the only one you could find is way older than you with not one but TWO kids already?
Camilla: What do you mean? Daddy’s way older than you.
Bridgette: [scoffs] Yes, Cami, but 22 year old you and 22 year me old are very different. How old are the kids?
Camilla: They’re … not born yet- and I know what you’re gonna say but-
Bridgette, snaps: They’re not even born yet???? God, is that what’s going on with you? He got you all wrapped up in his mess?
Camilla, frustrated: [looks down] See this is why I didn’t tell you about…
Bridgette: About what?
Camilla: Nothing.

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