Camilla In San Myshuno

Episode 63: Introductions

One Month Later.
Salim’s Apartment | San Myshuno.

Salim was beginning to wonder if Camilla’s trip to Brindleton Bay was some sort of cover. If she was really off in culinary school somewhere learning how to bake. Before she left, she barely went in the kitchen for anything other than coffee and grilled cheese but now, she was always baking. Every time she slept over, she was always leaving some sort of baked something behind. He liked it though. He really, really liked the baking.

Salim: It smells good in here [kisses her]. What’s all this baking you’ve been doing lately?
Camilla: I don’t know. I mean at my mama’s house, she had me doing so much of it that I literally never wanted to see another bag of flour in my life [laughs] but now … [smiles] I kinda like it.
Salim: So it’s going to be a good Thanksgiving then?

Despite Bridgette asking every single day since she left, she still hadn’t gotten around to asking Salim to Thanksgiving Dinner. She blamed it on being busy with work since she was back in the city and taking on new projects but really … she was nervous. Even though, they had been through so much already, it still felt like such a huge step in their relationship and she wasn’t sure how he would feel about it.

Camilla, nervous: Speaking of Thanksgiving … I’ve been meaning to ask you if … you want to go to my parents’ house with me? My mama wants you to come- I do too … if you want to.
Salim: Yeah, that’s cool.
Camilla, surprised: [laughs] Well that was easy.
Salim: Why wouldn’t it be? I’m not afraid of your mom.
Camilla: You … probably … should be.
Salim: [laughs] What?

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