Camilla In San Myshuno

Episode 69: Faking

25 Minutes Later.
Salim’s Apartment | San Myshuno.

Aahana and Nura didn’t always see eye-to-eye, especially on things like relationships and marriage, but the one thing they both agreed on was that the babies should be top priority in Salim’s life. And even though they were no longer together, she was carrying them so that meant the priority should extend to her as well. Now, if they could just sit down and talk, she could make him understand where she’s coming from and things would be so much better for everyone.

She arrived at Salim’s apartment, rang the doorbell and waited for him to answer.

Camilla: Um, somebody’s at the door.
Salim: Can you get it? I’m trying to find my wallet.
Camilla: Yeah, okay.

As the door opened, the expression on Aahana’s face went from optimistic to somewhere in between aggravated and disgusted.

Aahana: [sighs in frustration] You would be here. Let me guess, you’re living here too now?

The tone in her voice, not to mention the obvious sarcasm, screamed, I-hate-this-bitch, and seeing how they were on their second negative encounter out of their only two encounters, Camilla was feeling like her friends were right. Aahana did have a problem with her. She had a problem with her and she didn’t even know her. She was acting just like a jealous teenager, like they were back in high school … and Camilla … Camilla was right there with her …

Camilla: [smirks] Yeah. For now anyway … while I wait for my new mattress to come in. We wore the old one out.
Aahana: [narrows eyes] You know what bi-

Salim emerges from the bedroom.

Salim, slightly annoyed: Ani? I dropped you off two hours ago. What are you doing here?
Aahana: [pushes past Camilla] We need to talk.
Salim: Okay??
Aahana: [grits teeth] In private.
Salim: [sighs deeply] We just spent the whole day together, Ani. Is something wrong?
Aahana: Well … no but-
Salim: Then can it wait till tomorrow? We’re about to go out.
Camilla: We have dinner reservations [smirks again] It’s our anniversary.
Aahana: Anniver- Who the fuck cares about your anniversary? I’m telling you we need to talk and you want to tell me about your stupid anniversary???
Salim, really annoyed: Alright, come on [pushing her towards the door]. I’ll walk you to your car.
Camilla: [holds the door open for them and smiles] Sorry Ani. Maybe next time.

Sorry Ani. Maybe next time? This bitch really thought she won. Really thought she was just going to dismiss her like that. Like she was nobody? Because it was some random ass anniversary? And with a smile on her face?? This was not over …

Just as they reached the doorway, Aahana stopped, grabbing her stomach in pain.

Aahana: [squeezing Salim’s arm] Ouch, ouch, ouch, ouch, ouch, ouch, ouch.
Salim: [concerned] What’s wrong?
Aahana: I don’t know, it just [grabs stomach again] Ow, it hurts.
Salim: Do you think you’re having contractions?
Aahana: I don’t know Salim! But something’s happening [leans on his shoulder]. Owww!
Salim: Okay, okay. Let’s get you to the hospital. Just to make sure.
Aahana: [nods, gripping her stomach] Okay.

He wrapped his arm around her, helping her to the door. 

Salim: I’m sorry Camilla … I’ll call you in a little bit, okay?
Camilla: [sighs] Okay …

As soon as Aahana got close enough to Camilla, she flashed an almost devious smile.

Aahana: [whispers] Sorry, Camilla. Maybe next time.

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