Camilla In San Myshuno

Episode 67: Sorry

The Next Morning.
Salim’s Apartment | San Myshuno.

Camilla’s apartment couldn’t have chosen a better time to have maintenance issues because today was her and Salim’s six month anniversary and just as he did every month, he had plans for them to celebrate, only this time it would have to wait until after he took care of all the baby things Aahana had planned for them to do. He was hoping it wouldn’t take too long but … there was a doctor’s appointment, then this 3D ultrasound thing she was talking about, then that trip to the baby store they were supposed to make the other day so … it would … probably be a while, but once they were done, the rest of the day belonged to him and his girl and he couldn’t wait.

Even though Camilla never really complained, he did feel bad about being busy all the time, especially lately … especially today, so he got up early and brought her breakfast-in-bed as an I’m-sorry-please-don’t-leave-me kind of gift.

Salim: [kisses her] Happy Anniversary.

Anniversary? She sat up and smiled, attempting to hide her complete lack of awareness. Salim didn’t seem to notice but she was terrible with dates especially for things like this. Every anniversary was a surprise to her but she played along anyway. Besides, she thought it was cute that those little things mattered enough to him to keep track of.

Camilla: Happy Anniversary to you too [points at the pancakes]. Did you make these?
Salim: [smiles] I made … the trip to the diner to pick them up so I’m … going to say yes. That counts right?
Camilla: [laughs] I’m not sure that counts.
Salim: [smiles] Damn, I tried …

His smile quickly faded into … something else. He may have been a master at keeping up with random anniversary dates but over these past months, she had become a master at reading his face. And the expression he was wearing now was the I have to tell you something you’re not going to like expression.

Camilla: [sighs] What is it?
Salim: … What?
Camilla: What do you have to tell me? I can tell it’s something … just tell me.
Salim: It’s nothing … I just … have to go do some stuff with Aahana today- for the babies … it’s probably going to be a while …

That was it? Running off, doing stuff for the babies was a constant thing with them, especially as they got closer to her due date and according to the pregnant mom’s website, Camilla may have looked at, this was the time to wrap up everything that needed to be done, so she figured things would be a little hectic. Since there hadn’t been any requests for changing light bulbs so far, she wasn’t worried about it.

Camilla: Okay.
Salim: But we can go out when I get back. It’s a restaurant in Del Sol Valley, I want to take you to.
Camilla: That’s fine.
Salim: So … are you okay with everything?
Camilla: [nods] Yeah, I’ll be here when you get back.
Salim, suspicious: Why was that so easy?
Camilla: [flashes a huge smile] Cause I’m amazing.
Salim: [chuckles] You are amazing.

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