Camilla In San Myshuno

Episode 55: Ex-Boyfriend

A Very Long Lecture Later.
Whiskerman’s Wharf | Brindleton Bay.

Camilla needed a break, somewhere far away from her mother. She had reached her limit of unsolicited opinions for the day and couldn’t sit through yet another thirty minutes of her Why Salim Is All Wrong For You speech. If she didn’t get out of there soon, she couldn’t be sure she wouldn’t start screaming things she couldn’t take back, so the minute Bridgette paused to gather her thoughts, Camilla jumped up from the table and disappeared down the street. She was sure she would hear about this later but she didn’t care.

The walk home was too short for her so she took an alternate route, in the opposite direction. She found herself regretting this decision though, the moment she ran into someone she knew but wished she never met.

Brandon. Her ex-boyfriend, standing outside of a used baby store? The last time she saw him was about 10 months ago, the day they broke up. She couldn’t believe it. She moved to a whole new city just so she wouldn’t risk running into him and the first time she comes home to visit, the very first week, here he is. One of two people she never wanted to see ever again in life was standing right in front of her. All that effort she put into avoiding him, wasted. 

Camilla: [under her breath] Dammit … 

She was about to walk away, back in the direction she came from, but of course, he saw her.

Brandon, surprised: Sup Cami. I thought you was gone.
Camilla, sarcastic: I thought you were dead.
Brandon: Ha ha. Funny. [looks her over] You look good though.
Camilla: [rolls eyes] Whatever. [turns to walk away]
Brandon: [pulls her back]
 Hold up. Why you in this big rush? I ain’t seen you in a good minute.
Camilla: [pushes his hand away] That was intentional.
Brandon: Well at least tell me how you been.
Camilla: [frowns] Why do you care? It’s not like you ever cared before. When it actually mattered.

She hated that she still cared. Not about him. She was over him, but about the way he treated her. Two whole years together and he … she just hated him so much.

Brandon: [sucks teeth] Man, here you go. You stay bringing up the past.

She looked past him, over his shoulder to find the second person she never ever wanted to see again. Her former best friend, Jada, who looked a little irritated seeing him outside talking to some other girl. At least until she realized who that other girl was. See the move to San Myshuno wasn’t all about BrandonJada played a part in that too. Camilla finding out that her best friend’s secret boyfriend was actually her now ex-boyfriend, only a week after their breakup, pretty much confirmed that decision for her.

Jada: Cami … I didn’t know you were back home …
Camilla: Okay, I’m not doing this. [turns to walk away]
 Cami, wait, please …
Camilla: [pauses]
 Can we go somewhere and talk? Just me and you. For a few minutes, please? … Just a few minutes?

Against her better judgement, she agreed. They were best friends once, so one conversation wouldn’t kill her.

Camilla: [sigh] A few minutes.

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