Camilla In San Myshuno

Episode 48: Mama …

After Dinner + Dishes.
McNeal Residence | Brindleton Bay.

Camilla told them everything about her new life in the city. Well not everything. She made sure to leave out Salim, the pregnancy, basically anything that had anything to do with her relationship. That was a door she did not want to open … again.

After dinner, James left to play cards with a few of his friends. He may have cancelled his fishing trip for Camilla but he was not going to miss the opportunity to collect the $300 he won at their last game. She tried to ease out of the kitchen with him, maybe Bridgette wouldn’t notice if they left at the same time, but she did. Of course she did. Nothing could get past that woman.

Bridgette waited until her husband was completely out of the house before saying anything. There was a reason Camilla was there and she was going to get to the bottom of it without James coming to her rescue. If asked, Camilla would say she just wanted to spend time with them but she knew her daughter and the only time she ever came home was for holidays and to get over some boy.

Bridgette: What’s going on, Cami?
Camilla, hesitant: What do you mean?
Bridgette: Well, during dinner, all you talked about was how you love your job and how you love your new friends and how great your life is right now. So if that’s the case, why are you here?

Here we go.

Camilla: [looks away] Nothing’s going on … I just wanted to spend time with y’all …
Bridgette: [chuckles] We both know that’s not true, so what’s his name?
Camilla: It’s not about a boy … It’s- [sighs] It’s not about a boy …
Bridgette: But there is a boy right?
Camilla: …
Bridgette: Right?
Camilla, softly: It’s different this time.
Bridgette, sarcastic: Different this time? Let me guess, you’re in love, right?
Camilla: …
Bridgette: [frustrated sigh] You’re always in love, Cami, I swear it’s like your default state. [folds arms] All you do is think with your heart and while that may seem like a great quality, it’s the reason you always end up back here for me to fix whatever he broke.

See this … is exactly why she didn’t like coming home.

Camilla: [gets up] I’m going to bed. I’ll see you tomorrow.
Bridgette: Cami-
Camilla: [walks away] Goodnight Mama.

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