Camilla In San Myshuno

Episode 33: Heartbreak II

She thought about leaving. Just going home and being done with him. Blocking his number and never talking to him again. She also thought about calling Aahana and confronting her. I mean she was complicit in all of this too, right? She even considered marching down to the office and causing a huge scene, right in front of all their co-workers but that’s not really her, so in the end, she decided to wait. Wait till he came back so he could tell her to her face that he was cheating on her and everything between them was a lie. She needed to hear him say that.

When he got there, she was sitting on the sofa, teary eyed, with something in her hand.

Salim, concerned: [kneels down in front of her] What’s wrong? Did something happen?
Camilla: [holds up ultrasound] What’s this Salim?

His heart almost stopped when he saw the picture. This is not how he wanted her to find out. If only he had skipped the meeting at work this morning, he could’ve told her first and they could’ve talked about it … if only he had told her three months ago …

Salim: [deep sigh] Camilla … I was going to tell you, I swear.
Camilla, shakily: Tell me what? That you were cheating on me?
Salim, confused: Cheating on you? No, I didn’t- I’m not. This was-
Camilla: Then how do you explain this Salim? It says right here [points at picture] twin girls, due in the fall. [sniffles] That’s our entire relationship. This whole time, you were cheating on me. [sobs] This whole time.
Salim, panicked: I wasn’t cheating on you, Camilla. This happened before we got together. Before we met even. I know I should’ve told you before and I’m sorry I didn’t but I’m telling you the truth now, I promise.
Camilla: [still sobbing] I don’t believe you. If it was that simple, you would’ve told me already.
Salim: [holds her face in his hands] I am telling the truth, [wipes her tears] I love you.
Camilla: [looks away] You always say that. [sniffles] If you loved me, you wouldn’t do this to me.
Salim: I do love you. Camilla, please … I’m sorry.

He buried his face in her chest, pleading for her forgiveness. She almost gave it to him too.

Salim: [rests his forehead on hers] I would never do anything to hurt you, Camilla. love you, you know that.
Camilla, softly: I love you too … 

But then, she remembered the promise she made to herself after her last relationship ended. That she would never put up with another cheater again.

Camilla: [pushes him away] Leave me alone, Salim.

She grabbed her things and left.

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