Camilla In San Myshuno

Episode 36: A Talk

The Next Day.

Their time apart gave Camilla a chance to think about a lot of things, the main one being the real issue she had with Salim. It wasn’t the babies, now that she knows they were conceived prior to their relationship. It wasn’t even the fact that he didn’t tell her, especially since she had a secret of her own that she doesn’t plan to share with him, not yet anyway. It was something else that he didn’t seem to understand.

Salim: [caresses hand] I missed you.
Camilla: I missed you too.
Salim: [kisses hand] And I know I said this a bunch of times already but I’m sorry for not telling you about the babies. I know I messed everything up with that but I promise I won’t keep anything from you again. [interlocks fingers]
Camilla: Okay … but … that only solves half the problem.
Salim, confused: What’s the other half?

It was Aahana. Well his relationship with her. They were once in love. So much so that they got married and yeah it ended in divorce but that still didn’t stop them from sleeping together years later. How was she to trust that they were really through? That there were no more feelings left. That this new forever bond they have in the form of babies wouldn’t be the one thing that brings them back together. She couldn’t be sure.

Camilla: [lets go of hand] … Aahana.
Salim: What about her?
Camilla: What is it that made y’all start messing with each other again? You said y’all don’t have feelings for each other anymore so how did this whole baby thing happen?
Salim: That was a one time thing, Camilla. We weren’t meeting up every week or nothing like that. She was just in town and it just kinda … happened.
Camilla: So how do I know that whenever she comes to town with the kids or whatever it won’t just happen again?
Salim: It won’t. I’m telling you, it was just one time.
Camilla: And I’m telling you that, that’s not a guarantee.
Salim: [deep sigh] So what do you want me to do, Camilla? How can I prove it to you.
Camilla: [sigh] I don’t know, Salim …

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