Camilla In San Myshuno

Episode 35: Problems …

The Next Day.
Camilla’s Apartment.

About a week after the breakup, Camilla agreed to talk to Salim if he gave her some space. Let her go on her trip, clear her mind, then they could have a real conversation when she got back. She was calmer now, much calmer than she was that morning when it all went down, but they still had some stuff to work through before she could even consider them getting back together. On top of that, she had her own things to deal with now …

She paced the kitchen, back and forth, as if it would somehow make the timer move faster. Two minutes is what it said on the box but God it felt like a lifetime. She had about 30 seconds to go when her phone rang, it was Salim.

Camilla: [answers phone] Hey.
Salim: Hey … how was your trip? 
Camilla: [still pacing] Good. Hot.
Salim: [laughs] Sulani’s pretty hot.

The timer goes off.

Salim: Are you cooking something?
Camilla: No, that’s- never mind, we can talk tomorrow, okay? I’ll text you the time.
Salim: Oka-
Camilla: [hangs up]

She took a deep breath and walked slowly to the living room where the test was waiting for her. Two minutes ago, she would’ve killed to read those results, but now, she wasn’t so sure she wanted to anymore.

After a few more deep breaths and a 20 second pep talk she finally picked up the little plastic stick and read the results of her pregnancy test.


    1. Right?!?! It’s funny for so many reasons cause in this episode, he was the last thing on her mind, lol and on top of that, he just got another baby to add to this whole situation which was already a lot! I can say I do NOT envy him right now 😂

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