Episode 28: Waiting

O V E R   I N   S A N   M Y S H U N O

Camilla waited for Salim in front of the bookstore. Last time they spoke, he said he was on the way. 45 minutes later, he still wasn’t there. She was about to leave when he snuck up behind her.

Salim: [lifts her up] Where are you going?
Camilla: [giggles] Home. Well, in like five seconds I would’ve been.
Salim: [puts her down] Aww, you thought I stood you up? I would never.
Camilla: Better not. Unless you wanna get cut.
Salim, surprised: [laughs] You would cut me?
Camilla: [smirks] Maybe. Just make sure you don’t have to find out.

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