Camilla In San Myshuno

Episode 56: Concerned Parents

Meanwhile – Back Home.
McNeal Residence | Brindleton Bay.

This may be a little hard to believe but the bond between mother and daughter is something that’s very important to Bridgette. Something that’s sacred to her. Something that she would never intentionally betray. This means that anything Camilla ever confides in her, stays between them, no matter what. Because of this mother-daughter-bond though, there’s a lot James doesn’t know including the real reason behind Camilla’s unannounced, non-holiday visits. So you can imagine his surprise when his very frustrated wife came home and said-

Bridgette: James, that child of yours has gotten herself in some trouble and refuses to listen to anything I have to say to her.

That sacred bond, she’s about to break it. She has to. Camilla’s left her no choice. If she can’t get through to her, maybe James can.

James, concerned: What kind of trouble?
Bridgette: Trouble in the form of a boy, well, man, I should say. 
James: Okay? What exactly is the problem?
Bridgette: Everything! This new boyfriend she got up in the city. They’re in completely different places in life. For starters, he’s eight years older than her and he has kids- twins, that aren’t even born yet! He’s out here trying to move on to something new before he even finishes what he started with the other girl.
James: [shakes head] That doesn’t sound good.
Bridgette: No, it does not … [scoffs] That girl, I swear. She has never done so much as change a diaper but she wants to be involved with a man with two babies? Hmph. Ask her how to sterilize a bottle. Or how to burp them when they’re done with that bottle. What to do when they have colic cause they always have colic. [shakes head] She’s not ready for that kind of responsibility. And when it ends? She’ll be right back here. I’m telling you, this is bad for her James. It’s already bad … it’s the reason she’s here now … I just know it. You need to talk to her.
James, disappointed: She’s home because of him?
Bridgette: I don’t know for sure but I do know that she comes home whenever she gets her little heart broken.
James: How long has this been going on?
Bridgette: Long enough. [sighs] I just don’t want her getting mixed up in his drama … Throwing her life away for some man and his kids. I need you to talk to her. She won’t listen to me but she’ll listen to you.
James: [nods] You’re right. I’ll talk to her.

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