Camilla In San Myshuno

Episode 71: Not Convinced

30 Minutes Later.
Salim’s Apartment | San Myshuno.

After that performance Aahana put on at the hospital, Salim felt it was best for him to just leave. Arguing with her wasn’t going to solve anything. It never did. The more he fought with her, the harder she fought back and he knew if he kept pushing her, she would do whatever she had to just to retain the power she felt like she was losing. This would happen all the time during their marriage, they’d argue, she’d get belligerent then afterwards, he would fix it, the exact same way, every single time by doing … absolutely … nothing.

When he got home, Camilla was already in bed. It was only nine o’ clock, so he knew her laying there squeezing her eyes together was just her poor attempt at pretending to be sleep. He also knew she would only be pretending to be sleep if she didn’t want to talk to him and she would only not want to talk to him if she was mad at him.

Salim: [squeezes her and kisses her shoulder] I’m sorry.
Camilla: [opens eyes] …
Salim: [kisses her again] Can you stop being mad at me, please?
Camilla: …
Salim: If you stop being mad for five minutes, you can be mad at me for as long as you want tomorrow.
Camilla: [sighs deeply and turns to face him] I’m not mad at you.

She wasn’t mad at him, she was just … frustrated at the situation. Aahana went as far as faking contractions just so she could keep him from her. She was starting to feel like things might always be this way. Like the two of them would constantly be in some sort of tug-of-war, with Salim in the middle, and since Aahana was the one that was pregnant, the one that would eventually have his kids, she would always win and that made her feel just like she did all those months ago only now, instead of worrying about them falling in love all over again, she was worried Aahana would find some kind of way to make sure he was never available to her. 

Salim: Then what’s wrong?
Camilla: … Why do you let her do all the stuff she does?
Salim: Cause … it’s easier than fighting with her.
Camilla: So you’re always going to let her make you do everything she wants? No matter what it is, you’re just always going to run to her?
Salim: [sits up] No … and I don’t run to her. I only go if it’s about the babies and that’s cause I want to make sure she knows that when they get here, I’ll do everything for them then, just like I do now, she’s just …
Camilla: She’s just what?
Salim: [sighs] Listen, I know her … probably better than anybody else and … she’s not always like this. The way she’s been, all the crazy shit she’s been doing … It’s like a reflex, the crazy is.
Camilla: Reflex? To what?
Salim: Not being in control. She hates it. Anytime she feels like things aren’t going according to her plan, she starts acting like this.
Camilla: … So what’s here that wasn’t in her plan?
Salim: You, I guess [voice trails off]. She said some crazy shit at the hospital …
Camilla, concerned: What? What did she say?
Salim: Nothing, don’t worry about it.
Camilla, more concerned: Tell me. What did she say?
Salim: Something about you and the kids but don’t worry about it.
Camilla, upset: How am I not supposed to worry about it Salim, if she’s saying-
Salim: Camilla, listen to me. Don’t worry about it, okay? I promise you it’ll be fine. She does this all the time. She throws out all these threats then when she sees it doesn’t do anything but the opposite of what she wanted to happen, she’ll stop.
Camilla: How do you know that though? What if-
Salim: Trust me. It’ll be fine, I promise [kisses her]. Okay?
Camilla: [nods slowly] … Okay.

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