Camilla In San Myshuno

Episode 49: Escape Plan

A Few Minutes Later.
McNeal Residence | Brindleton Bay.

After that conversation with Bridgette, Camilla was beyond irritated. Usually, sitting there listening to her lecture her about everything that’s wrong with her, would make her run off and do something that she would only end up regretting later. This was something she needed to work on. Learning to get her emotions in check. One of her self-help books recommended keeping a journal. She could write out how she felt and get her frustration out that way. It was worth a try. She titled her first entry, Reasons Why Bridgette McNeal Gets On My Damn Nerves.

She was on reason number 23 when she gave up. This journal thing wasn’t working fast enough. She wanted to talk to Salim instead.

C A L L I N G   S A L I M 

Camilla: I wanna come back.
Salim: [laughs] Already? You’ve only been there for a few hours.
Camilla: I know but I’m ready to go. Think I could fly out tonight?
Salim: Yes, but you know what else I think-
Camilla: [sighs] I’m listening.
Salim: I don’t think you should leave.
Camilla: [pouts] Because you don’t want me to come back?
Salim: You know I do, but, tell me this. Why did you go back in the first place? You said you needed to go.
Camilla: Because … whenever something happens, it’s easier for me to get through it here. I’m away from everything so it gives me time to think and figure stuff out and my mama … sometimes she helps me with that …
Salim: Doesn’t that sound like a good reason to stay then?
Camilla: I mean yeah, but … it’s different this time. I can’t tell her the whole story. I can’t tell her what I’m trying to work through … she won’t get it.
Salim: She’s your mom, Camilla. You don’t think she would understand?
Camilla: I really don’t. Things with me and her are just … complicated. They always have been.
Salim: Things with me and you were complicated for awhile too but we’re good now. Relationships can be fixed so maybe it’s worth a try.
Camilla: [small laugh] Sounds like you’ve been reading one of my books.
Salim: [smiles] Maybe.
Camilla: [deep sigh] … Fine. You have successfully convinced me not to book the next flight out of here.
Salim: [laughs] You’re welcome.
Camilla: I love you.
Salim: I love you too. 

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