Camilla In San Myshuno

Episode 57: Ex-Best Friend

Meanwhile – On the Docks.
Whiskerman’s Wharf | Brindleton Bay.

Camilla and Jada had a long history together that started one summer, ten years ago, in the neighborhood where they both grew up. Camilla had just returned home from camp and was surprised to find another twelve year old girl sitting on the porch steps of the house across the street from her. Jada, being the outgoing, social butterfly she is, came over to introduce herself and just like that, they were instant friends. 

Thinking back on it now though, they really didn’t have much in common. I mean they were both only children and the only two middle school girls on the block but other than that … nothing. See, Jada was a party girl. Even when they were teens, all she ever wanted to do was go out, talk about boys, hook up with these boys, rinse and repeat. Camilla on the other hand was quieter, more of a homebody who rather spend her time with her books or her computer and when it came to boys, well, they didn’t become a factor until freshman year of college.

Even with all of their differences though, they loved each other and always had each other’s backs, that is until, Jada decided to get on her back for her best friend’s boyfriend …

Camilla: So what do you want?

Jada was a little surprised at Camilla’s tone. She was always so sweet … soft spoken, even when she was mad. She was different now, but she should’ve expected that, with everything that happened.

Jada: I just … wanted to talk … How are you?
Camilla: Good.
Jada: … I haven’t seen you in forever … I tried calling.
Camilla: I changed my number.
Jada: Yeah … I noticed. I tried to get the new one from your mom but [voice trails off] that didn’t really go too good.
Camilla: Are you done?
Jada: No … there’s something else … I’m having a baby … [lowers voice] me and Brandon are …

Everybody around her was having babies. It’s like the universe was determined to make getting over hers even more difficult than it already was. Those were feelings she would deal with later though. The last thing she wanted was for Jada or Brandon to think she cared anything about either of them anymore.

Camilla: [shrugs] So what? Am I supposed to be happy for y’all? You want congratulations or something?
Jada: No, of course not … I just wanted you to hear it from me. Not somebody else.
Camilla: You mean like how I heard y’all were messing round from you? You didn’t want me to what, walk in on y’all again?
Jada: Cami, I’m sorry bout all that. Bout the way everything went down, I really am. You’re my best friend, you know I never wanted to hurt you.
Camilla: So what exactly were you trying to do then?
Jada: I don’t [sighs] I just want us to be friends again. I miss my sister …
Camilla: Sisters don’t fuck each other’s boyfriends, Jada, and if you don’t get that, that’s means we were never sisters in the first place.
Jada: [nods] I know and I was wrong. I was a terrible friend to you, I know, but we can go back to the way it was when we were kids before boys … when it was just us. 
Camilla: [shakes head] That’s never going to happen.
Jada: Will you just think about it, Cami? I’m not asking you to forgive me today or tomorrow even but one day, when you’re ready, maybe we can be friends again?
Camilla: [rolls eyes] I hate you so much …

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