Camilla In San Myshuno

Episode 68: Enabling

Later that Evening.
Benali Residence | San Myshuno.

The checklist was finally done and so was Salim. He did every single thing Aahana had planned for them to do today so she would have no reason to accuse him of not being there. He even made sure she had everything she needed before dropping her off to her house and heading back to San Myshuno.

She didn’t disclose any of this to Salim but she also had her own plans today, with his mom, her ex-mother-in-law, Nura, who was currently preparing a room for her at her townhouse in the city. With only a few weeks to go until her long awaited granddaughters made their arrival, Nura was concerned about Aahana being all alone in Newcrest and insisted she stay with her for the remainder of her pregnancy. 

Nura: [hugs Aahana and takes her suitcase] Hiiiiiii. [rubs Aahana’s belly] How are my grandbabies? All good with the doctor, yes?
Aahana: [smiles] Yes, everything’s good. And thanks again … Nura, for letting me stay here. It’ll be a while before my mom can fly in so-
Nura: [shakes head] No need to explain, Ani. You’re family. You can stay as long as you like. [motions towards the sofa] Sit down. Sit down, you must be very tired. 
Aahana: [sits down slowly] Boy, am I …
Nura: This is exactly why my son should be here. You are the mother of his children, you should not be alone. He should be helping you right now.
Aahana: He .. he does help but … he has a girlfriend to rush back to so that’s what he’s focused on …
Nura: [frowns] So I’ve heard.

Nura is a little … traditional in her beliefs, especially when it comes to marriage and family. She feels that children should be raised in a loving home with both of their parents together. And even though, Salim and Aahana are divorced and have been for some time now, she’s made it no secret that she’s hoping the babies will help them find their way back to each other so they can be a real family. Hearing there was some random woman in the picture, distracting her son from doing what’s right for his family, was very upsetting to her.

Nura: This woman he’s seeing is not anything serious. It is the reason I haven’t met her yet. He would not be keeping her secret from me if this was someone he was truly in love with so don’t you worry.
Aahana: I think he does love her though-
Nura, defiant: [shakes head] Impossible! My son would not fall in love before letting me meet her first. When you two were dating, he brought you home after your first date and you see, he married you. If he is so serious about this woman, why is he hiding her?
Aahana: [sighs] I don’t know … Salim is so … confusing lately.
Nura: He is confused because he needs to be with you where he belongs. It is not too late to try again, Ani. You need to be a family for those babies.
Aahana: I honestly don’t see that happening, Nura, and that’s okay, we’ve both moved past that … I just … want him to make sure he puts [pats belly] them first, like I have. I mean, I put my whole life on hold so I can focus on them but it’s like he can’t do the same. He wants to have this whole separate life with her and it [scoffs] drives me crazy!
Nura: He needs to put you and the babies first, Ani. Go talk to him, right now. Make sure he understands that. 
Aahana: [nods] Yeah … okay … okay. I’m going.

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