Camilla In San Myshuno

Episode 50: Playing Nice

The Next Morning.
McNeal Residence | Brindleton Bay.

If it wasn’t for SalimCamilla would’ve been back in San Myshuno by now. She was just that angry. Angry enough to forget all about working on herself or learning how to have better relationships. Angry enough to even forget about trying to move on from … the baby. She had all these mixed up feelings that would never get sorted out if she went back to the city now, so she decided to stay and to try to make it work even if it meant playing nice with her difficult ass mother.

Camilla: Good morning, Daddy … Mama.
James: Good morning, Pumpkin. How’d you sleep?
Camilla: Good …
Bridgette: There’s muffins in the kitchen. [sarcastic] I’m pretty sure they’re cold now though with as long as it took you to get up.
Camilla: [walks into the kitchen] It’s 9:30.
Bridgette: Mhm.
James: Don’t start Bridgette.
Bridgette: Nobody’s starting nothing, James, shush.
Camilla: [rolls eyes]
 I know you over there cutting your eyes too.
Camilla, annoyed: I’m not.
Bridgette: Good cause we’re leaving for yoga in an hour and I don’t want you bringing that attitude with you.
Camilla: [deep frustrated sigh]

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