Camilla In San Myshuno

Episode 64: Priorities

A Few Minutes Later.
Outside – Salim’s Apartment | San Myshuno.

Aahana was not having a good day … at all. First, she spent all morning on the phone, dealing with unreasonable requests from one of her most difficult clients. Then she somehow spilled tea on one of the few pairs of pants she could still squeeze into. Then she drove all the way to the city and waited two whole hours at the baby store for Salim who didn’t even bother to show up. Just to drive over to his apartment and find out the reason he couldn’t fulfill his commitment was because he was too busy playing house with his little girlfriend. All of this on top of living in the constant miserable existence that is being eight months pregnant, had her very close to losing it.

Salim: Ani, wait [catching up with her].
Aahana: [walking quickly] Go back upstairs, Salim. I’m not in the mood.
Salim: Ani, I’m sorry. Okay? I lost track of time- but it won’t happen again, I promise.

It won’t happen again, he promises. They were a month away from her due date and now he’s pulling this shit. This was the second time this month, they had plans to finish up shopping for the babies and he stood her up.

Aahana: [turns to face him and sighs heavily] Do you still want this? These babies?
Salim, defensive: Of course, I do. Why would you even ask me that?
Aahana: Cause lately, I can’t tell. It’s like your priorities are somewhere else …
Salim: Ani, I’ve been to every single appointment you had since you told me you were pregnant. I haven’t missed one. But because I forgot to meet you at the store, you feel like they’re not my priority anymore? That’s not fair, man.

He does go to all of her doctor’s appointments even now with her having one every week, she’ll give him credit for that. He even went to those birthing classes with her a few weeks ago, she’ll give him credit for that too, but being a dad is about more than just doctor’s appointments and birthing classes. She needed to know she could trust him to keep his word. That if he say’s he’s going to do something, he’ll do it.

Aahana: It’s not about the store, Salim. It’s about the fact that we had plans to do something for our kids today and you just forgot. Like it wasn’t important to you.
Salim: It was-
Aahana: And, I called you numerous times and you never once picked up or called me back. What if I was in labor? Or something happened? I could’ve literally lost the babies today and you would’ve had no idea until it was too late.
Salim: [sighs] Alright, I get it.
Aahana: Do you? Cause this isn’t just something for you to do whenever you’re not playing with Camilla. You said you wanted to do this with me, be apart of their lives. So you either do, or you don’t, there’s no in between.
Salim: I do want to be in their lives, Ani. Nothing about that’s changed but you’re right — I’ll do better, okay?
Aahana: [sighs] Okay …

Now with that out the way, there was another issue they needed to talk about. Aahana’s response, well, lack of response to meeting Camilla and the comment she made just made about him playing with her …

Salim: I’m not playing though.
Aahana: What?
Salim: You said I was playing with Camilla, I’m not. I’m serious about her so she’s going to be around. You know that right?
Aahana: [shrugs sarcastically] Okay? Who you date is your business, Salim, until it affects our kids. So you just better make sure it doesn’t.

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