Camilla In San Myshuno

Episode 61: Protection

Three Weeks Later.
McNeal Residence | Brindleton Bay. 

It was the last day of summer and the last day of Camilla’s visit. Her flight was set to take off in a few hours so she was upstairs, finishing up some last minute packing. Bridgette wasn’t ready for her to go yet and tried convincing her to stay a little longer but as much as Camilla enjoyed being home, she was ready to get back to her life. Bridgette may not have been able to make her stay but she could at least get a head start on planning her next visit.

Bridgette: So Thanksgiving … 
Camilla: [smiles] I’ll be here. Same as every year.
Bridgette: No this year is different since you’ll be bringing your manfriend with you.
Camilla, surprised: Um … what?
Bridgette: Don’t look surprised, Cami. I want to meet the man that has my child cutting her visit early to get back to him.
Camilla: [laughs] It’s just one day, Mama, but I’ll ask him.
Bridgette: Good. Make sure you tell him the only acceptable answer is yes.

Camilla was about to zip up her suitcase when Bridgette stopped her.

Bridgette: Hold on, don’t zip it up yet [walks quickly out of the room].
Camilla: [shouts behind her] Where are you going? 

Out of all the talks they had since Camilla told her about the abortion, they never got around to the how-not-to-get-into-this-situation-again topic and Bridgette wasn’t going to let her leave without at least discussing preventative methods. She reappeared a couple of minutes later with a few boxes of condoms.

Bridgette: [points at condoms] Take these. 
Camilla, embarrassed: Mama! 
Bridgette: [places hands on hips] Don’t Mama me. You know how babies are made so take these and make sure you refill your pills as soon as you get back to your apartment. I’ll be calling tomorrow to make sure you did it. There’ll be no more accidental pregnancies on my watch.
Camilla, under her breath: Oh my God … 

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