Camilla In San Myshuno

Episode 72: Worried

Two Weeks Later – Camilla + Salim.
Salim’s Apartment | San Myshuno.

Things were so … weird now … maybe not weird but … quiet, calm, sane, so … weird. Salim said not to worry about it but Camilla couldn’t help but worry. He hadn’t seen or heard from Aahana since that night at the hospital. He said he knew she was okay because she was still talking to his mom and he hadn’t gotten any calls from her mom but still, they weren’t speaking to each other and she didn’t see how that could be good. It was like … the closer they got to Aahana’s due date, the worse things got between them. And the worse things got between them the more guilty it made her feel. It was hard knowing that this whole thing was only happening because of her. That if she and Salim weren’t together, everything would be fine. Salim would be fine. Aahana would be fine and the babies would be fine. But right now, none of them were and she, the source of the problem, was sitting here, helping set up the room for the babies, Aahana might not even let him see. 

Camilla: So I was thinking … and … do you think you should call Aahana?
Salim: No.
Camilla: Okay … but it’s been like two weeks.
Salim: I know.
Camilla: I just … what if she doesn’t let you see them?
Salim: She wouldn’t do that.

She would never do that. There were a number of things he could see her doing, but that … that wasn’t one of them. Aahana could be a lot of things, rude, mean and downright cruel, if she felt like she had to, but evil? She wasn’t that.

Camilla: But how do you know?
Salim: Cause I know her and I told you not to worry about all of this anyway, it’ll be fine.
Camilla: You keep saying that. [lowers voice] But it’s easy when you’re not the cause of everything falling apart …
Salim: [holds hand out] Come here.Camilla: [walks over to him]
None of this is your fault, okay? It’s always something with her, but I promise you, it’ll work out. It’s already working [hugs her] so stop worrying so much.
Camilla: [sighs]

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