Camilla In San Myshuno

Episode 43: Sisterly Advice

The Next Day.

If you asked Camilla to name the best part about her move to San Myshuno she would for sure say it’s the friends she’s made. In the six and a half months since she’s been in the city, Cassandra and Jesminder have become the sisters-she-never-had-but-always-wanted. The thing about sisters tho, especially the one that lives right across the hall from you is that they see everything. And sometimes the things they see call for a sit down with Big Sister for some unsolicited but much needed advice.

Jesminder: So I see Salim slept over last night. Y’all back together?
Camilla: Yeah … we talked and everything yesterday.
Jesminder: You did tell him bout the baby right?
Camilla: Yeah, he said he’s fine with whatever I want to do.
Jesminder: Well, I’m glad y’all worked everything out and he’s supporting you but you still got some stuff to figure out, Camilla.
Camilla: I know … I’m still trying to decide on the baby.
Jesminder: Not the baby. You.
Camilla, confused: Me?
Jesminder: Yes. You gotta figure out how to deal with all these feelings and your insecurity and everything. 
Camilla: I’m trying to …
Jesminder: [nods] I know and I know it’s hard with his baby mama being around and now he got his kids and stuff but that’s not something that’s gonna change and you know that. So if you’re gonna do this and y’all are gonna be together, you can’t flip out every time you hear her name or every time something he does reminds you of something you went thru with one of your exes. That shit’ll drive you crazy.
Camilla: [looks away]
 So you need to think about whatever it is that you need, that’s gonna make you let all that shit go cause I’m telling you, Camilla, it’s gonna cause a problem for you in every single relationship if you don’t.
Camilla: [deep sigh]
So you like reading, go get you a book or something, see how that works out for you.
Camilla: Okay.

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