Camilla In San Myshuno

Episode 65: Girl Talk I

The Next Evening.
The Old Salt House Gym | San Myshuno.

A brand new gym opened in the Spice District, just a few blocks from Camilla’s apartment. It was huge, had a yoga studio, evening/night sessions and everything. As part of their week long grand opening event, they were passing out half off memberships to everyone that walked by, so she convinced Cassandra and Jesminder to join with her so she could attempt to get back into this yoga workout thing she’s been slacking on lately.

After an hour long workout, the girls gathered on the roof to talk.

Camilla: So … I met … the baby mama yesterday.
Jesminder, shocked: And you’re just telling us this?!
Cassandra: Oh, shit. It was bad wasn’t it?
Jesminder: [nudges Cassandra] I bet it was. That’s why she ain’t tell us yet.
Camilla: [chuckles] Shut up.
Cassandra and Jesminder: [laughs]
But for real though. How did it go?
Camilla: I’m not saying it was bad … but I’m pretty sure she hates me.
Jesminder: Of course she hates you. She’s probably scared those kids gon’ be in there calling you Mama.
Cassandra: Oooh, I could see that.
Camilla: I wouldn’t do that though. I know I’m not their mama. I’m not trying to take her place or anything.
Jesminder: [points at the three of them] We know that but she don’t, so when those kids are with their daddy, that means they’ll be with you and she’s thinking y’all gon’ be this big happy family and everything so she’s probably feeling all jealous.

Hearing that made her feel kind of … She knew it was going to be a huge adjustment for everyone once the twins were born, with Salim settling into being a dad, he and Aahana adjusting to the whole co-parenting thing and even her figuring out her role in all of this but she didn’t think Aahana was jealous of her? It didn’t make any sense. Salim had pretty much been at her beck and call her entire pregnancy. There was always something they needed to do for the babies and he was always there. He was even doing other stuff like putting the cribs together at her house and when she had her baby shower, he came afterwards to help take all the gifts home. What more could she possibly want?

Camilla: So what should I do?
Jesminder: Nothing. She’ll have to learn to get over it but make sure you watch her ass though, cause you’re the competition now.
Cassandra: [nods] Yeah girl, she’s right. Things can get real uglyreal fast when baby mamas are involved.
Jesminder: Especially jealous-ass-I-wanna-be-number-one-baby-mamas. So if she starts acting shady, calling him over to change light bulbs and shit, you better check him and her.
Cassandra: And remember, they were married before so there’s history and everything there. Just … keep your eyes open.
Jesminder: Keep. Your. Eyes. Open. Girl.
Camilla: [sighs in frustration]

*Lot is The Old Salt House Gym by @pictureamoebae

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