Camilla In San Myshuno

Episode 52: Miscommunication II

Ten Minutes Later – Bridgette.
McNeal Residence | Brindleton Bay.

The Hiding Spot. It’s what they called that swing in the backyard. The one Camilla would run to whenever she was upset. Bridgette never really understood why she picked that spot, out of all the places in the backyard, seeing as it wasn’t hidden at all. From as far as the kitchen window, she could clearly see her shadow on the wall of the shed.

Bridgette stood at the door, watching her swing back and forth. She knew she was mad at her, she was always mad at her, but this time she didn’t get why. So she was a little vocal about wanting her to come home more? What’s wrong with that? She moved so far away and now she barely comes home anymore, she just wished she would come home more.

She leaned against the counter. Okay, maybe she could’ve presented it differently. Her words or was it her tone? May have been too a little too harsh, she has been told that a few times. But then again, Camilla’s just so sensitive. She always has been. Every little thing she says to her, leaves her either angry or in tears. She just needs to toughen up, that’s all. I mean, her mom, Camilla’s grandmother, was the exact same way with her when she was growing up and it was because she wanted the best for her, just like she wants the best for her daughter. Camilla just didn’t understand that. She couldn’t understand how sometimes, because you love your children, you have to be tough on them, so they’re ready for the world. So they can take care of themselves and be okay.

But, despite all her efforts, Camilla wasn’t okay and this was happening way too often. She was constantly putting herself in these situations that would leave her heartbroken and it killed her to see her like that. Upstairs in her old room, crying, because she doesn’t understand why she’s such a bad girlfriend. Why she can’t figure out what she’s doing that’s making them hurt her. She was such a good girl but she let people take advantage of that big heart of hers, especially boys and she wished she would just make better decisions, she wished she would  just … tell her what’s wrong so she could help her …

Bridgette: [sigh]

She glanced over at the time. If they didn’t leave soon, they would be late for yoga. She didn’t believe in being late.

Bridgette: [yells from the porch] We need to get going Cami, or we’re going to be late.
Camilla: [mumbles] Fine.

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