Camilla In San Myshuno

Episode 73: Confident

Two Weeks Later – Aahana.
Benali Residence | San Myshuno.

Salim would come around soon enough, Aahana was sure of it. Yeah, the last time they spoke was two weeks ago but he wouldn’t dare let it get to three. He just needed time to get over that whole thing at the hospital but as soon as he did, he would call. She wasn’t worried … at all … but Nura … Nura was very worried.

Nura: Have you spoken to my son yet?
Aahana: No, not yet.
Nura, disappointed: This is not good Ani. Those babies are so close and their parents are not even speaking. What kind of environment is that to bring them in to?
Aahana: God, Nura, with this again. You’re making this thing into a bigger deal than it really is. Salim’ll come around, it’s fine, okay?
Nura: It is not fine, Ani. You have gone too far this time.
Aahana: [points at chest] I’ve gone too far? You were the one that told me to go over there in the first place.
Nura: Yes, to talk. Not scream at him. You are too bossy, Ani. I’ve told you this time and time again and you refuse to listen. 

She refused to listen because Nura refused to mind her business. It was even worse when they were married. Every other week, she was over at their apartment, giving her some advice she didn’t ask for. Ani, you’re too bossy. Ani, you need to listen to your husband. Ani, not everything needs to be a fight. Followed by, When are you having children, Ani? Why isn’t my son a father yet, Ani? When am I going to be a grandmother, Ani? Ani this, Ani that. She thought that just because she was married for 105 years she knew everything about marriage. It drove her crazy!Divorced or not, she would’ve moved away just to get away from her overbearing ass.

Nura: It is the reason your marriage did not work, it is the reason my son is not here like he should be.
Aahana, annoyed: Noooo, the reason your son is not here is like he should be is because he thought he could tell me what I can and can’t do and I’m not going for that.
Nura: [shakes head disapprovingly] What are you going to do if he doesn’t call? Have you thought about that? What if you go into labor and the two of you are still not speaking? What’s going to happen then? You are too confident about a situation that has so many uncertainties, Ani.
Aahana: I’m confident because I have the one, well two things, [rubs belly] he wants more than anything in this world and he’ll never do anything to jeopardize his relationship with them. [walks away] So like I said, he’ll call, so calm down.
Nura: [sighs deeply] This girl … head as hard as rock.

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