Camilla In San Myshuno

Episode 53: Yoga

35 Minutes Later.
Serenity Yoga Studio | Brindleton Bay.

The walk to the studio was quiet. Camilla was still mad at Bridgette and had no intention of talking to her anytime soon. She contemplated not even going with her. Why should she? This was her hobby and when did she even get into yoga anyway? Before she moved, all she cared about was her catering business and being annoying. She was surprised she even had time for anything else.

She was also surprised when they got to the studio and the other ladies in the group, knew her name and had a ton of questions ready for her.

Lady #2: You must be Camilla. It’s so nice to meet you!
Camilla: It’s nice to meet you t-
Lady #4: Your mom’s told us so much about you!
Camilla, surprised: Reall-
Lady #3: What’s it like living in the city? I bet the food’s amazing!
Camilla: Yeah, it’s-
Lady #1: I bet the men are amazing. It’s true ain’t it?
Camilla: Um …
Lady #3: You made sure you snatched one up, right? What’s his name?
Lady #1: You got a picture?

Camilla desperately scanned the room for an escape route. Bridgette may not have been her favorite person at the moment but she would definitely take her over being interrogated by a group of strangers. 

Bridgette: [motions for her to come over] Cami, come on, you can use this mat over here.
Camilla: [runs over to her] Thank God.

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