Camilla In San Myshuno

Episode 75: A Do-Over

Later that Night.
The Green Box Restaurant | Del Sol Valley. 

So many nights had passed since the one that was hijacked by Aahana and her … labor stunt, but Salim still wanted to make it up to Camilla anyway. And even though it wasn’t their anniversary anymore, he wanted this night to be just as special. So he picked her up and drove her out to this restaurant in Del Sol Valley, for a do-over. It was the least he could do, for everything she had been putting up with, especially lately. 

He could tell how much she was worried about it too. Worried to the point she was starting to second guess their relationship. She never said that outright but … he could feel it. Just in the way she was when they were together … her behavior, it was … different, more … distant than usual. Like she was always in a contemplative state or something. Even now, the way she was just sitting there, so quiet, playing with her food instead of eating it. He wanted to ask what was wrong but he knew she would just bring up the babies or Aahana or worse, make comments that suggest he shouldn’t be with her, which he hated because … he never wanted to … not be with her. This thing with Aahana, it was going to take time but in the end, it would be okay and things would be so much better, she just couldn’t see it because she doesn’t know her as well as he does … but maybe if he showed her how serious he was about her, she would stop feeling this way.

Salim: So I’ve been thinking about us … and where we are in our relationship …
Camilla, nervous: [looks up at him] … Okay …
Salim: And I know it might not seem like the best time but … I want to ask you something …

Camilla froze at the sound of those words, I want to ask you something. They were like the opening to every big question, in every single relationship, in the history of relationships! It must be something important or life changing even, it has to be, otherwise he wouldn’t need an intro, he would just ask. But what big question could he need to ask her tonight, in the middle of this … expensive ass … restaurant? Was he going to … propose? He wouldn’t. She really hoped he wouldn’t.

Salim: What do you think about us living together?

She let out a huge sigh of relief. Thank God he didn’t propose but this … asking her to move in with him, now, with everything that’s going on, was just as bad and that momentary relief she felt was quickly replaced with the worry and frustration she had been dealing with, every single day, for the last couple of weeks.

Camilla, irritated: Why would you ask me that?
Salim: What do you mean? … You don’t … want to live together?
Camilla: It’s not- [sighs] Aahana hates me Salim. Do you really not see that? Do you really not see how us living together would just make things worse? I mean, y’all aren’t even speaking, AT ALL. Not one word for weeks and now you’re trying to do things to make her even more mad? Don’t you think you should fix that before you start pissing her off again?
Salim: So what do you want me to do?
Camilla: [shrugs] Call her or something.
Salim: I can’t do that.
Camilla: Why, Salim? Why can’t you just pick up the phone and call her?
Salim, frustrated: Because, I can’t okay? [sighs] If I call her now, she’ll never stop the shit she’s doing. Nothing won’t change cause she’ll always feel like she has the upper-hand. I know what I’m doing so can you just leave it alone.
Camilla: [rolls eyes] That’s stupid.

The waiter comes by and refills their drinks giving Salim enough time to change the subject.

Salim: I just want to make you happy, Camilla.
Camilla: Then you shouldn’t have asked me that.

*Restaurant, The Green Box, is by me! This one is slightly modified tho, as I keep changing it for every save I have, lol.


  1. I really see no issue with them living together. He can’t make decisions in his life based on Ani’s dislike of the situation. They’re divorced. She just happened to be pregnant with right now. If he wants to take that step with Cam, that’s their business. . I just could give a eff 👀 less what Ani thinks or feels about their relationship, at this point.


    1. I feel the exact same way! Camilla’s just always worried about everything ALL THE TIME so she’s big stressed over this and in return unintentionally planning her life around Aahana’s wants 😒


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