Camilla In San Myshuno

Episode 79: Help Please

Ten Minutes Later.
Salim’s Apartment | San Myshuno.

If she didn’t want things to continue in the direction they were going, Aahana needed to talk to Salim, now. And since she wasn’t the type to have important conversations over the phone, she headed straight to his apartment, to say what she needed to say, in person. It wasn’t an easy process though, actually … getting to his apartment. That was way more challenging than it should’ve been.

It all started with the drive over, it was … weird, not the drive itself, but with her. She felt weird. Something was off … to the point where she thought about turning around and going back to Nura’s to lie down or something, but … she needed to do this, now, before her moment of self-reflection wore off.

Unfortunately though, this enlightenment of hers came at one of the busiest hours of the day, which meant parking in front of his building was non-existent, so instead of circling the the block, hoping for a spot to open up, she opted to park in a nearby garage and made the walk over instead. When she got to the lobby, she was met with some apologetic maintenance workers and an out of order sign posted on the elevator, forcing her to then climb an ungodly number of stairs to the fifth floor.

When she finally made it to the end of the hall, where his apartment was located, and the door swung open with Camilla on the other end of it … yet again, she felt her stomach tighten. The frustration of always having to see this girl’s stupid face every single time she went over there was really sending the strangest feeling through her belly. Still … she ignored it. This wasn’t about her and she didn’t come to fight, so she took a deep breath and somehow managed to suck back the massive eyeroll that was so determined to make it’s way out and present an almost pleasant smile instead.

Aahana: [forced smile] I need to speak to Salim.
Camilla, nervous: He’s … not here … I could tell him you came by though.
Aahana, snaps: If I wanted you delivering messages for me, don’t you think I would’ve called in the first place?

Camilla didn’t want to fight either. The last thing she wanted was for her to get mad and use this encounter against Salim so … she would try to be the bigger person … and be nice … even though it wasn’t easy.

Camilla: [sighs] … Do you want to wait for him then? [moves aside to let her in]
Aahana: Fine. [enters apartment]
Camilla: [rolls eyes and closes the door behind her]

Once Aahana got inside, she was hit with the same feeling as before, except this one … was different … this one was stronger … this one might really be a-

Aahana: [grabs belly and sucks air in between her teeth]
Camilla: [under her breath] Not this again …
Camilla: He’s really not here, you don’t have to do all … that.

Aahana leaned onto the counter, trying to fight the pain that was coursing through her.

Aahana: [holding belly] I’m not faking, I think these really are- [grabs belly in pain] Oh no …
Camilla, scared: Oh no, what? Oh no what?!

They both looked down at her pants which were no longer dry.

Camilla, panicked: OH … MY GOD!!!
Aahana, equally panicked: Oh God- we gotta go- we gotta go, to the hospital. [shakily hands her, her keys] Here, here, you drive.
Camilla, rambling: I can’t. I don’t- I’ve never driven in the city before, I-
Aahana, frustrated: God, you really are a child aren’t you?! How do you manage to live on your own and you can’t even- [squeezes Camilla’s arm as another contraction passes] Owwwww!! Okay, okay! I’m sorry! I’m sorry, just … please drive me to the hospital … please?


  1. Giiirl, Aahana is a mess!! Like, you need Camilla’s help right now and you’re really gonna be trying to talk smack in between contractions??!

    Also, Cami needs to call Salim ASAP!!


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