Camilla In San Myshuno

Episode 80: Turning Point

30 Minutes Later.
San Myshuno Hospital | San Myshuno.

From the moment they met, Aahana had been nothing but hostile with Camilla. It’s like her pure existence in Salim’s life, flicked some kind of switch and Operation: Break The Girlfriend was activated. For months, Camilla sat on the sidelines, while he complied with her every demand. Always compromising, always on the back-burner, she felt like she was the mistress to a still married man.

… But somehow … she found a way … to swallow her feelings, play the role of the supportive girlfriend and hoped it would get better, just like Salim said it would, except … it didn’t get better … it only seemed to get worse and after everything she put up with, she was the target of Aahana’s anger.

Now, Camilla wasn’t superstitious, not in the least bit, but she did believe that in life, you get what you give and that day, she felt like she was right, because the same girl, Aahana wanted gone so badly, was the same girl she was pleading to for help. Guess the universe threw in some humor with that dose of karma …

Being completely honest though, it did take her a minute to decide what to do. On one hand, the petty in her was telling her not to help, to use this opportunity for payback instead … let her get to the hospital on her own and maybe … just maybe, she’d see how it felt to be mistreated … but on the other hand, the compassion in her … that thing that allowed her to give people second chances even when they didn’t always deserve it, wouldn’t let her do that … so she had to do something … even if it meant helping the woman who’s primary goal had been to make her life miserable.

When they arrived at the hospital, following a very … stressful drive, they were greeted by a transporter with a wheelchair ready to roll Aahana back to Labor and Delivery. As far as Camilla was concerned, her job was done. She got her there with both babies still inside and let Salim know where to find her. All she had to do was make it to the exit and she was fr-

Aahana: Camilla, wait-

Camilla froze at the sound of her voice behind her. What could she possibly want now? She looked down and caught a glimpse of the keys in her pocket and remembered how she got there. Her car … it was probably about her car. She wanted it back. After everything she just did for her, she was going to demand her keys and make her call an Uber or something. If she had it her way, she’d probably make her walk … that’s more like something she would do.

She turned around, ready for whatever insult she was going to throw her way but instead was met with something unexpected. The look on her face … it was something she had never seen on her before, an emotion she didn’t think she was capable of experiencing. One that she had seen a number of times on herself whenever she was faced with something new, something uncertain … it was … fear.

Aahana, softly: … Could you … stay? … Just until Salim gets here?
Camilla: … Um …


  1. Woooow!! I really don’t know if I could do it…who am I kidding? I’d be a sucker and stay because I’d feel bad! 😔

    But hopefully this is a lesson/eye opener for Aahana. 🤞🏾🤞🏾 And she’ll stop being so pretty and harsh with the people that are going to be in her children’s lives.


    1. Same here. I’m a huge sucker for “people in need” so she would’ve had me, lol! And yes, I’m hoping this will be something that makes her wake up and see how her actions do more harm than good and in the end, it’s her children who will suffer because of it.


  2. Wow 😮I feel good about this actually. 😌 I hope they can come to a good understanding and get along. This could turn the tide, I hope🙏


    1. That’s what I’m hoping for too. Aahana has the type of personality where things have to happen on her terms. She needs to be able to see or experience something big for her to change her ways, so this could possibly be it. Fingers crossed!


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