Camilla In San Myshuno

Episode 81: A Moment

15 Minutes Later.
San Myshuno Hospital | San Myshuno.

She said yes. Of course she said yes. It’s not like she really had a choice in the matter. She couldn’t just leave her there, by herself, to face the scariest, most significant moment of her life, could she?? Yeah, Salim was on the way, but what if he got stuck in traffic or what if he couldn’t find parking once he got there or what if he made it inside and couldn’t find the room??? Aahana would be alone … probably terrified and if the tables were turned, and it was Camilla in that delivery room, she would want someone, anyone, to stay with her too.

Aahana was quiet, which was a big change from a few minutes before. It was completely out of character for her too, especially with Camilla sitting just a few feet away. Either the epidural finally kicked in or … she was plotting something … She looked over at Aahana who was looking back at her, clearing her throat, ready to say something. She was definitely plotting. Camilla braced herself for whatever was coming next, but was surprised to hear her say-

Aahana: I don’t hate you.

Okay, that … may be the drugs talking because Camilla was willing to bet any amount money that she did hate her.

Camilla: … Okay.
Aahana: I just wanted you to know that.

Even though it probably wasn’t her talking and this moment between them was only temporary, Camilla felt like she should at least say something.

Camilla: [walks over to her] I … don’t hate you either.
Aahana: [chuckles] I’m pretty sure you do … and it’s fine. [shifts positions] I’ve given you enough reasons to. You don’t have to spare my feelings or whatever, [shifts positions again] I know how I get sometimes … that’s what I was coming to talk to- [sits up abruptly]

Camilla: Are … you … okay?
Aahana, ready to push: You should get the doctor now.

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