Camilla In San Myshuno

Episode 82: Resolution

One Hour Later.
San Myshuno Hospital | San Myshuno.

Salim made it to the hospital just as Aahana started pushing and 30 minutes later, two beautiful baby girls were born. It was a quick and easy delivery too, especially for a first time mom with twins, at least that’s what the nurse told Camilla after questioning her about her relation to the couple. Apparently, the hospital had very strict rules about giving out patient info of any kind, so before she answered any of Camilla’s questions, she had to answer hers.

Nurse, suspicious: So who are you exactly?
Camilla: Oh, I’m- Salim, the dad, he’s my boyfriend.

Nurse: [raises eyebrow] Boyfriend, huh?
Camilla: [nods] Yes.
Nurse: So, just to be clear, [points down the hall] the man that’s in that room over there, whose wife just delivered twins, is your boyfriend?
Camilla: No, he- they’re not married, well- not anymore, they’re divorced.
Nurse: Mhm.

Camilla, flustered: No really, we didn’t even meet until after the fact and I was the one who brought her to the hospital- we weren’t messing around when they were together or anything.
Nurse: [looks her up and down] If you say so …

The nurse was annoying but Camilla could see how weird this situation was, especially to a stranger. It was weird to her too … hanging outside the delivery room while her boyfriend and his ex-wife brought their babies into the world? It was … odd and admittedly, she did feel out of place …

Nurse, annoyed: Do you need anything else?
Camilla: No- I-
Salim: [walks up] Everything okay?

Boy was she glad to see him.

Camilla: Yeah … it’s … fine … how’s everybody?
Salim: Good. They were checking the babies out and getting them cleaned up. It took longer than I thought though, I’m sorry. [kisses her forehead] I know you’ve been out here for awhile.

Camilla: It’s okay … [nods towards the nurse who was shooting them dirty looks] I don’t think the nurse over there likes me though.
Salim: [chuckles] She looks like she don’t like nobody.
Camilla: [giggles] You might be right.

When he put his arm around her, she felt so much better. He had a way of doing that.

Salim: I want you to meet the babies. You okay with that?
Camilla, nervous: … Yeah, but … is Aahana okay with it?
Salim: It was her idea.

When they got inside, Aahana was in bed, holding both of the babies. One with her right hand and one with her left, each dressed in little matching outfits. They were so tiny and so cute and looked so much like Salim.

Aahana motioned for Camilla to come over so she could properly introduce them.

Aahana, softly: [pats baby in right hand] So this is Maya [pats baby in left hand] and this is Yasmin.

Camilla: [smiles] They’re so cute.
Aahana: [smiles back] They are and they’ve been so good too … You wanna hold them?

Camilla, nervous: Oh … I don’t … really know how- I don’t want to drop them or-

Aahana: [chuckles] You won’t, relax. Just go wash your hands, then Salim’ll help you. [hands Maya to Salim]

Camilla washed her hands then stood next to the bed while Salim slid Maya into her, visibly nervous arms.

Aahana: Relax, okay? You’re not going to break her.

Following Aahana’s instructions, she took a deep breath and cradled her, holding her close to her chest. She smelled sooooo good and her little face as she slept … it was the sweetest thing ever.

Aahana: [clears throat] So … Salim and I were talking and … I- we think we should talk.
Salim: All three of us.
Aahana: [nods] All three of us.

That thing … about feeling out of place … she didn’t so much anymore …

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  1. That nurse was ruuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuude! I’m glad she made it through to see and even hold one of those precious babies! I’m hoping the two women in Salim’s life can at least come to understand each other but I imagine it won’t be easy.

    1. That nurse was a mess!! Haha! And I agree that the road ahead isn’t the simplest but I’m glad Aahana at least made an effort towards a new start.

  2. Awwwww 😭😭😭 I’m so glad that everything went down like this. Camilla will play such a huge roll in those babies lives if her and Salim stay together, I’m so happy she got to be a part of this experience. A positive part, too. And as the holder of information usually at the hospital, I can’t say I wouldn’t have been a little confused about this situation.. less rude for sure, I’m incapable of being impolite at work, my work face usually stays glued on and my customer service voice intact 😂 Still a bit confused for a moment though

    1. Oh I can definitely see how this situation sounds to someone on the outside 😂 so I felt for Camilla during this very awkward moment. I’m also glad she got to share in this experience too cause like you said, if she and Salim stay together, she will play a huge role in their lives.

  3. Hi sweetie!! I love this so much and was wondering where I could find the baby onesies and possible pose-pack/animations for this cuteness! I really hope they make babies more functional this year because they are so boring right now lol

  4. I’m so happy Aahana has softened. And even more happy Camilla is feeling apart of this. Salim is so sweet to her🤗

    1. Agreed! Aahana isn’t a bad person, it’s pretty obvious from her earlier posts but everything that was going on was making her a little crazy, lol. I’m glad Camilla isn’t feeling left out anymore either because she’s going to be there so she should get to feel like she’s apart of it too. And yes, Salim is very sweet to her, which is why, even when things were crazy, she felt like he was worth sticking around. Thank you so much for the comment! 💗

  5. I love this!!! That nurse honey, she’s a mess. But hey, who wouldn’t scratch their head at this? I love this format a lot! I like reading and see the imagery. Also the reading at the start was nice. Like reading chapter books for adults with pictures. I love & appreciate it very much thank you 👏🥰❤️

    1. That nurse was a mess but I’ve had plenty of encounters with women like that when I was younger so I get it, lol. Also, I’m glad you like the format! I was so used to posting on tumblr, in photosets, but I felt like it didn’t look good over here so I’m just glad I was finally able to make it cleaner and more enjoyable for you guys! 💕

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