Camilla In San Myshuno

Episode 84: Moving Forward

Thanksgiving Day

Later That Night.
McNeal Residence | Brindleton Bay.

He actually … passed … she still couldn’t believe he passed. Not because she didn’t believe in him or anything, but because no boy had ever passed her mom’s test. She was convinced it was constructed that way on purpose too. A fail-proof system, adaptable to boys of all kinds, designed to keep them far, far away from her, but somehow, he did it … he was feeling real confident because of it too.

Salim: [grins] So, I guess your mom likes me now?
Camilla: [smirks] I doubt it. She doesn’t like anybody, buuut you did pass her test soooo
Salim: [tickles her] Seeeee.
Camilla: [giggling] Okay, okay, you’re right. You’re the first guy in history to ever sway Bridgette McNeal so go ahead, gloat as much as you want.
Salim: Nah, I’m done, [smiles] but now I’m curious about these other guys who tried and failed.

Camilla’s dating life, as short as it was, was pretty tragic. She was great at picking cute boys to bring home, but she was terrible at picking cute boys who were actually good for her.

Camilla: [pulls him over to the bed] Okay, so there were three boys. The first one was, Jason, he was the first boy I ever brought to the house, my first boyfriend, everything. So when he couldn’t explain why he wanted to take me to see this foreign movie, that would more than likely be super empty and super dark, he was done.
Salim: [chuckles] I’m pretty sure I know what the answer was.
Camilla: Me too. So then, there was, Caleb [laughs] he was so stupid [still laughing].
Salim: [laughing too] Stupid how?
Camilla: Okay, so, when my mama asked why he wanted to take me out, he said, [mimicking Caleb’s voice] I just wanna get to know her better. When she said better how, this dumbass literally said [mimicking Caleb’s voice again] In every. Way. Possible. [cracking up]
Salim: [laughing with her] He’s lucky she didn’t throw him out after that.
Camilla: [still laughing] She didn’t but my daddy did!

They laughed about that for a bit longer before quieting down. He noticed she never mentioned the last guy and what he did to fail the test but he was curious.

Salim: So what about the last guy?

Her smile faded a little when he asked that. She was over the stuff with Brandon and Jada, it didn’t make her all emotional like it used to. She just didn’t like talking about them.

Camilla: That would be … Brandon … and he did … [lowers her voice] a lot, so some test my mama made up was the least of his problems. [changes the subject] So, what about your mom? Does she have some kind of crazy test or something too?

Salim: [lays on her lap] No test, but she will ask you a whole lot of questions.
Camilla, surprised: Me?
Salim: [nods] Yeah, you. She wants to meet you.
Camilla: [smiles curiously] Okay … So, what are these questions about?
Salim: [teases] Stuff like …
Camilla, impatient: Stuff like????
Salim: [smiles] Marriage and … babies … and …
Camilla: Aaaand???
Salim: Living together … that kind of stuff.

Living together? The last time that came up, they ended up not speaking for a few hours but lately, especially since she and Aahana were on better terms, it’s something she hoped he would bring up again.

Camilla: [interlocks fingers with his] And what am I supposed to say to that?
Salim: [kisses her hand] Whatever you want.
Camilla: What if I say … I have the answer to one of those questions now?
Salim: [raises eyebrow] Which one?
Camilla: Well, it’s definitely not the baby one. [chuckles] We’re not going down that road again.
Salim: Never?
Camilla: Not anytime soon …
Salim: So, marriage? Are you proposing to me?
Camilla: [laughs] That’s never happening.
Salim: [laughs] Soooo, living together then?
Camilla: Yeah … If that’s what you want.
Salim: No, I know what I want. Is that what you want?
Camilla: [smiles] Yeah, I do want that.
Salim: Then that’s what we’ll do.

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