Camilla In San Myshuno Photoshoot

Salim & Camilla’s New Place

Elton Square Townhomes
San Myshuno

3 bedrooms / 2.5 Bathrooms, Eat-In Kitchen, Laundry Room, Backyard Patio

Beautiful townhome available for rent in small but vibrant community on Elton Square. Perfect for a young couple, ready to start a family or an established family in need of more space. Conveniently located in walking distance from five locally owned shops, that carry all the essentials you need to make it through your day. Great school district for children of all ages.

After house hunting for what seemed like forever, Salim and Camilla settled on this place and they couldn’t be happier with their decision.

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  1. This lot is so freaking amazing!!! 😍😍😍😍 I mean, it looks exactly how townhouses in the city are supposed to! All nestled and built up around small business spaces. I adore it!

    1. Thanks girl! That’s exactly what was going for. I really wanted it to feel kinda cozy but with a big city feel and I think we got that here. It’s been about a month or two since I built it tho so of course I’m seeing all these updates that “need” to be made now, lol, but you know how it is!

  2. I seriously love this! Especially the way you did the store fronts. Are those wallpaper with Peace’s brick things in front of them? I don’t know how you do this witchcraft with the limited space/lots in these worlds! I wish I had this talent!

    1. Yes! It’s wallpaper, the brick thingies and some wall canvases so it makes it look busier than it really is. This one is on a 64×64 lot and I’m honestly surprised I was able to get so much on there too. And thanks girl for the compliment ♥♥

      1. Thanks girl! I’m go glad to hear you like it. I’m always curious about how it reads altogether since I write it post by post, lol.

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