Camilla In San Myshuno

Episode 86: A Good Plan?

One Hour Later.
Coffee Philosophy. | San Myshuno.

This was not how things were supposed to go. None of this was supposed to happen. She was not supposed to move into the house of her dreams with the man of her dreams just to find herself without a job not even three weeks later. She was also not supposed to have to find a way to tell this man about her newfound unemployment, and how she wasn’t going to have her half of the rent for the house he didn’t even want in the first place. None of this was turning out the way she planned … but if there was one thing her time in San Myshuno had taught her … it’s that things didn’t always go according to plan, so as much as she wanted to run home and hide, she couldn’t … at least until she came up with a new one.

Since going back home was not an option, not without a plan anyway, and it was way too cold to continue circling the block, like she had been doing for the past hour, she took her pity party to the coffee shop where it was warm. She needed to brainstorm anyway and she couldn’t do that without coffee or feeling in her fingers.

She placed her order and found a table over in the corner, furthest away from everyone. She needed to think and didn’t want to get swept up in other people’s conversations, especially the one that lady was having about catching her husband with her sister last weekend. She said came home and- Camilla shook her head, dismissing it. Not getting caught up. Not getting caught up. Not getting caught up.

Once she had a few sips of coffee, her fingers began to thaw and the wheels in her head started turning. Her approach, how to tell him, that was the biggest issue here. What would she say? She took another sip and pondered that question. What would she say? … Drawing a blank, she sighed. This was hard.

She took a few more sips and thought some more … Maybe, it just seemed hard … but it really wasn’t. Maybe she could just say it. Go home, make the announcement, rip the band-aid off, just like that … or … she could wait till later. The twins would be there by then and they would be busy with them for the rest of the day, so later that night, when they were asleep, and she and Salim were done having sex, she could just tell him then because he would be too tired to care.

Camilla: [under her breath] Yeah … that’s what I’ll do.

Feeling confident in her plan and done with her coffee, she was almost ready to leave, when it hit her … once she tells him what happened, he’ll have a response. What would that response be though? How would he feel about it? What would he say? … This called for another coffee.

Refill in hand, she resumed brainstorming, only this round, made her much more nervous. His response, there was no way she could really predict it but based on the situation at hand and everything involved, she could see his reaction going one of two ways …

One. He could be completely understanding, sympathetic even. She would never intentionally jeopardize her job, he knew that, especially now that they’d taken on such a huge responsibility. He would hug her, make sure she was okay and still end the night with sex …

Or two. He could get mad, like really, really mad. She allowed herself to get fired, he wouldn’t believe she did that, knowing how huge of a responsibility they’d taken on. He would yell at her, tell her how irresponsible she was. Make her pack things and leave. Break up with her even. Never speak to her again and send her all the way back to Brindleton Bay, just so her mom could lecture her about … everything.

She winced at the thought of that last scenario. It was a little extreme but not completely impossible. Her mom was always looking for some reason to lecture her, so losing her job would actually provide the perfect amount of ammo, especially if she knew what caused it in the first place, but Salim … he was different. He never really got mad at her. Frustrated? Maybe, but mad? No, never … but then again … she never gave him a real reason to either … She slouched back in her chair, feeling like she was back at square one. If she knew this was how things were going to turn out, she would’ve just got her damn work done …

Salim & Camilla’s Townhouse. | San Myshuno.

After about her fourth coffee and a round of croissants, she finally left the coffee shop. She wasn’t ready to face him yet, but the longer she stayed, the more coffee she would’ve ordered and seeing as she had already defaulted on the promise she made to him about restaurant food and her obligation to help pay rent, she needed to get home ASAP before she committed anymore offences. They were leaving to pick the girls up soon anyway, and he was probably by the door, waiting for her.

When she got home though, she was surprised to see they were already there. Maya was fast asleep in Salim’s arms and Yasmin was in her bouncer, on her way to sleep too. She felt her heart sink into the pit of her stomach … He went and got them without her … He was already doing things without her … This was a sign. He would break up with her. If he knew what happened at that meeting, he’d break up with her for sure.

Camilla, disappointed: You went without me?
Salim: No, of course not, Ani’s meeting a client close by so she dropped them off.
Camilla, relieved: Oh … that makes sense.

Maybe she was overreacting, just a little bit. She wasn’t sure yet, but for now, those feelings could go on the shelf while she focused on her two favorite little people.

She put her coat up and positioned herself on the floor in front of Yasmin’s bouncer. She was always excited to see them, but more so today, because Aahana said they were smiling a whole lot lately and she wanted to see it for herself.

Camilla, whispers: Hey Yasi [kisses her foot] I’ve missed you.

Yasmin cracked open her eyes, just enough to see who was in front of her. Almost like she wanted to be sure the person disturbing her nap was worth her time.

Camilla: Hey! [smiles] Your mommy said you’re smiling now. Can you smile for me? [demonstrates a big smile] Just like this, see?

Yasmin squirmed a little then let out a huge yawn, her eyes slowing closing, on her way back to sleep, a tiny little smile planted right on her face, large enough only for Camilla to see.

Camilla, excited: Aww, Salim did you see? I asked her to smile for me and she did.
Salim, playing along: Yeah, I did.

A couple of hours later, Salim noticed that Camilla never once mentioned her meeting, which was odd to him considering the fact that she loved telling him about her day. He waited a little longer to see if she would say anything but she didn’t … so he did.

Salim: How was your meeting?
Camilla: [pauses] Hmm?
Salim: Your meeting, how did it go?

She was hoping he wouldn’t bring it up, but he did. Guess it was time to put her plan into place …

Camilla, dismissive: Oh, it was nothing- just about some project thing for this company in this city … [voice trails off] regular … work stuff …
Salim, suspicious: Oh, that’s it?
Camilla, nervous: Mhm … why?
Salim: Nothing. Just asking …

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  1. Umm D: I think lying is probably the worst route to go here and he will find out eventually and when he does?! It’s not like she has another job lined up and getting out of this lie will be pretty tricky :/

    1. You are so right! To keep this lie going, she might possibly have to tell another lie and another and in the end, things will end up worse than they would have had she just told the truth.

  2. This is so good. Like everything you write. Books please🙏
    I believe Salim will be understanding. But can I tell you how cute that moment was with Yasmine🤗☺️🥰 aww, it warmed my heart. Omygosh! I’m wondering though, how about she help with the babies in the mean time while looking for work?

    1. Aww you are too sweet! 💗 This story is definitely good practice for me so maybe one day 😊 But, yes, that moment was the cutest and I know it got overshadowed by the big issue here lol, but it’s definitely one of my favorites. She does help with the girls a lot now so who knows, maybe this could work out for all of them, we will see!

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