House Download: Little Lime

I had a request to share this little house that I’m using in Camilla’s gameplay save so here you go! It’s unfurnished cause apparently I did use more CC than I intended and don’t really have time to hunt down all those links. This one does use a few pieces of CC though which you can find linked below:


  • Tier 3 Tiny Home
  • 1 bed/1 bath
  • $26,250
  • 20×15 Lot Size
  • Required packs: Tiny Living, Outdoor Retreat, Get Together, Backyard Stuff, University, Jungle Adventure, Island Living (I have all the packs but these are the ones I know offhand)

Required CC:

ranch windows / wall shingles / lofte living / wall siding / trees & shrubs (included)
I also use these terrain replacements that edit the appearance of the grass and flooring that you see in the first photo. It’s not required but recommended if you want the exact same look in your game.


direct download | simfileshare (alt – no ads)
Or on the Gallery; Origin Id: mellocakesmakes (will upload once the Gallery starts working for me again)

If you are new to custom content and need help downloading/installing, check out this guide.

Notes: If you use it in your photos, please tag me on Tumblr @mellindi, I would love to see.
Also, in the Gallery, be sure to check the “include custom content” box so it’ll show up. If there is anything missing, please let me know!

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